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by:DIgao     2020-06-13
Lock is home 'patron saint', but sometimes also impressed in the thief on the technology of guard against theft almost worthless. Especially in the summer, don't go the door move to the window, so that the crime rate is extremely high, is it safe to your door lock? Have to say that the thief now lock technology is high to the outrageous, home security doors can play a little. This not, frequent burglaries, one to the summer temperatures forced people to rest often open doors and Windows at home, so this time slip doors and Windows burglary high ratings. So, your house door lock is safe enough? From the point of security, smart door lock is a better choice than traditional door lock, it has the advantages of safety, convenience, multi-function. For smart door locks, generally the thief couldn't through technical unlock the door open, we can imagine a thief with a tool 'incapable' scenario. So, for a wide variety of smart door lock on the market, and how should we choose? Currently on the market most smart door lock of guard against theft ability needs to be improved, and a lock anti-theft ability, relationship with the family property and life safety of each of us, so we must be treated with caution. Because of this, major huasheng technology based on many years research and development ability strong intelligence door lock, introduced a new generation of major huasheng smart locks, with its unique high safety and convenience, in the era of smart locks flowers now, still shine. So, what's so special about it? High-tech blessing, accurately identify the open first, major huasheng intelligent lock using optical fingerprint acquisition technology, is enough to let a person shine at the moment. It has a lot of data storage and processing power, so that easy to register and identify 200 fingerprints. Diversity of relaxed, open the door on the lock mode, major huasheng intelligent lock is diversified, it is a total of five unlock way: password lock, IC card lock, fingerprint lock, the key to open the lock and unlock the APP. Here is the most convenient the most practical way to remote door functions of mobile phone APP, why? When we forget the password or fingerprint wear, open the phone APP, is a key to open the door can be realized. Thus, major huasheng smart locks on the design of the lock, bring our family life more convenient. Multiple security design, with the 'core' to your peace of mind for smart door locks, security problem is the top priority. According to previous burglary event, most thieves like directly from the keyhole, major huasheng intelligent lock is designed for the security vulnerabilities hidden lock hole, not only to lock and lock hole one integrated mass, more beautiful, in front of hidden lock, the thief also said powerless. In addition, on the security technology, major huasheng intelligent lock is also trying to be all: anti-theft type software design, when the stranger fingerprint lock 15 times in a row, or lose the wrong password five times, the system automatically locked and into the early warning model; Super grade C professional anti-theft lock core, open prevention technology, make the lock more security; Peep phantom password combination, can be increased at gibberish, prevent someone sneak to remember your password; Clever and free type handle design, once closed, lock, immediately after the lock handle can press, but can't open the door, to avoid go out forget to shut down due to theft. Multiple security design, major huasheng is impeccable! Super range, the critical moment not to drop the chain is worth mentioning that major huasheng intelligent lock range is also very strong, ultra low power design, four 5 batteries are available for the year 365 is used, more low capacity to remind function, so as to timely charging, when after the power is too low, you can also use about 100 times, let host encounter. Want to learn more about the secret of the padlock, scan the qr code below, focus on China,
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