Hot news and information - the padlock Intelligent lock is the first step in upgrading intelligent household

by:DIgao     2020-06-13
Along with the rapid economic development and population activity is increasingly frequent, public security problems facing new detection. Facing 'advancing with The Times' stealing skills, people in order to ensure the safety of personal and industrial problem, and select intelligent lock security the first line of defense to act as a family. At the same time, in order to protect the safety of household life, avoid accidents attack, people still need to set up a set of monitoring, alarm, door lock into an organic whole, due to personal safety protection system of the family. As a leader in the intelligent locks professional brand, DE ShiMan small di has always been committed to the building of intelligent home security solutions, more than the current development of intelligent security product also was liked by the majority of users and praise. After many years promotion iteration, small di smart locks for the various security problems in the family security, complete automatic protection door lock. Only attack combination input fault 5 times, fingerprint input fault 10 times, small di will automatically lock 3 minutes can't open, can open more violence announced alarm intimidate criminals. It is worth mentioning, ShiMan developed specifically for the user mobile phone APP, the alarm message will be sent to the user in the first time on mobile phones, prompt the user abnormalities in the door. Other, small di smart locks can beforehand alarm fingerprints and alarm combination, encounter hijacked situation, using the alarm fingerprints or combination lock, users will immediately receive relatives alarm information for the corresponding processing, these are traditional locks don't have ability of automatic protection. In addition has the basic function of the smart locks, small di intelligence can lock and DE ShiMan other intelligent products, such as intelligent cat's eye, intelligent linkage bracelet, gives users a full range of intelligent household security grasp. Smart cat's eye has high clarity, long-distance check against pry, recorded a report to the police, 'the cat's eye' and so on. 2. 8 inch LCD screen allows users to clear inspection door conditions; 24 hours real-time monitoring, through setting the induction time, if there are any personnel in the door, the smart cat's eye 'outsiders will timely warning, and photographic evidence to the user information, useful to stealing, violence, picking, etc. The linkage of the small di smart locks and smart cat's eye, two layer of protection to users and family, don't give criminals leave on standby. And convenient intelligent hand ring in addition to children aged fast to open the door, let the user know family in and out of the record. Also can grasp the sudden health body, anytime and anywhere to family's heart loving care. Cloud, cloud safe cameras smart products, to protect the safety of home center industry, make you can also set for home area of the home's every move. In the back of the road, small di will also introduce more satisfied user requirement of intelligent products, complete linkage function, more rich, more practical to supply users with the use of better grasp, make 360 ° all-round protection, let users grasp the heart of technology supervision. Padlock is concerned, the everyone is a focus on Chinese library's padlock electric business platform, focus on the upstream and downstream of the country's all quality goods procurement, quality goods wholesale enterprises. Provide consumers with professional padlock trading platform and information, has rich resources of the padlock. Basically can guarantee the quality of the padlock. So I want to focus on more padlock news please come here! The above information from: url
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