Hot news and information - the padlock : intelligent lock industry, mature technology, good quality and let customers convenient experience leading south Korean brand development

by:DIgao     2020-06-13
In China, intelligent locks in general is not very common in the family or community, but it was quite infinite business opportunities in China's potential. Recently, the us research institutions Grand View Reaearch released a report that said that by 2024, the global intelligent lock the size of the market is expected to reach $24. 2 billion, visible intelligent lock has a very good market prospects, growing consumer demand, and constantly in technology research and development, in promoting the continuous development of intelligent lock industry. The intelligent lock permeability in different countries have different performance, the data is 50% in Europe and America, Japan and South Korea more than 70%, but as in the artificial intelligence led the world in our country, the permeability of intelligent lock only less than 3%. Domestic intelligence lock the vast blue ocean market, south Korean intelligence lock brand plays an important role in it. In the domestic development of smart home full swing, why Korean brands are half smart locks in China market? Careful analysis can be found in the domestic intelligent household mania, intelligent lock became the most easy to fall to the ground, effectiveness and smart home products, but in contrast, most of domestic intelligent lock brands still stays in the concept or research and development phase, is difficult to meet the needs of people for smart lock. So highly mature system of intelligent lock Korean brands, it should enter the Chinese market. South Korea electromechanical integration technology of intelligent lock has more than 20 years of development history, has a solid position in the industry, in South Korea, domestic intelligent lock is as high as 80%, the permeability of so in terms of the promotion of intelligent lock, Korean brands also have very obvious advantages. After see the potential of the Chinese market, the brand began to enter China, South Korea, and with good quality and experience, quickly adapt to the Chinese market, become the head of intelligent lock industry brand. At present, the domestic intelligent lock brands is still in the early stage of development, in such aspects as technology application and service still immature, it also provide the opportunities for the rapid development of the south Korean brands. Newell in 2015 to enter the Chinese market, which is representative of the brand. In China a year later, its TOUCH1 international KIDP design gold award, in keep walking on the road of innovation, and Newell can gain recognition in the Chinese market. As South Korea's earlier into the domestic intelligent lock brands, with many years of experience in the industry of intelligent lock and exquisite technology, in terms of aesthetic feeling combined with leading technology and design, become the development model of intelligent lock. Under the operation of the capital, Newell has realized the soft landing in the Chinese market, in terms of user education, develop intelligent lock market, has a good performance, has now become the most familiar with the Chinese market, is also the most consumer place to accept south Korean intelligence lock brand. And Newell can win the trust of Chinese consumers, another important reason is that brand attaches great importance to the Chinese market, with the majority of foreign brands will increasingly huge Chinese market as sales channels, Newell from design, technology research and development phase, the start targeting the Chinese market, to provide experience for Chinese consumers better, higher technology content products. This development idea, also let Newell and evil people mixed up in the Chinese market to the attention of the consumers. With excellent product quality roots in China market, with high quality after-sales service to win the people satisfied, this is the south Korean brand Newell in the development of China's original intention, also it can in the increasingly fierce can show the advantages of intelligent lock markets. Want to know more information about locks, welcome the attention
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