Hot news and information - the padlock Intelligent lock can not only see the surface, nature is very important, although it was expensive, but you have to make sense

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
In the intelligent lock market, the design of the lock one thousand kinds, but looks are not much difference, sometimes seem almost two product, prices are different? Is this why? In fact, it seems almost two smart locks, but there is a huge difference in essence, such as in the work content, quality, safety and technology, etc. , both cannot compare. Because, low-cost intelligent lock manufacturers in order to lay a price war, only in such aspects as material, process, quality costs, to achieve a certain profit. So the two look almost smart locks, had better choose brand awareness is high, the price is a bit expensive more secure. So, because the factory in order to hold down costs, low price competition of profits and so on material selection is far below the national and related industry standards, thus made the intelligent lock on stability must be discounted. And good and expensive smart locks are more expensive, first on the selected materials from lock to lock body, from motor to the fingerprint module, from hand to every screw and every spring, all selected first-class supplier. So, from raw material selection, cost is higher than low-end, low-cost intelligent lock a lot. So, good intelligent lock products are more expensive, but is absolutely real. My smart locks are expensive, but work absolutely fine to live cheap hotel knows that a hotel intelligent lock not only often can't open it, and put his hand in hand, the time some cut hands or uncomfortable feeling, and even some rusting or serious fade. But bad workmanship civil intelligent lock also appear such problems. Why is this so? Mainly on the work is not caused by a heart. Cheap, low-quality smart locks in order to catch time limit for a project or lower cost, either electroplating, or polishing are hurry, more serious is that failed to pass the quality inspection into the market. And we know that the German products sold his did well, dear, it is because somebody else has been done in the spirit of craftsman products. Sell your good smart locks have been finely crafted, of course, whether in polishing and electroplating, or other processes as long as there is a little small flaws to rework, and even discarded directly. My smart locks are expensive, but the absolute safeguard first to look at the issue of false fingerprint lock. Such problems generally occur only in the low-end, low-cost, low-quality intelligent lock, because they in order to reduce costs, can only choose the fingerprint with low cost, some fingerprint even as low as the head of a few yuan, false fingerprint is easy to open it. But Canon artisan intelligent lock USES is the United States imports of STM chip and low power consumption, good stability, high recognition rate, not only it has the identification function of living, that is to say, false fingerprints cannot unlock. We take a look at questions about the password to be copied, it did exist in many low-cost intelligent lock. This is because most low-end, low-quality intelligent lock is a form of direct input password, without any encryption, so easy to be copied. And Canon artisan intelligent lock USES a virtual password way, also said as long as when the input password before and after the correct password to enter Numbers, as long as there is a continuous correct password to open the door, even if be replicated, criminals also difficult to discern what is the correct password. So, two look smart locks, almost on the safety of the difference is very big. My smart locks are expensive, but good after-sales service is absolutely no matter which industry, which the enterprise can will do perfect products. So, the product has a problem is not terrible, terrible is not in a timely manner to the customer. Many users to keen on gaining petty advantages from a treasure bought several hundred yuan on smart locks, in less than two months is a problem, to look for business coordination before beginning attitude was quite good, but attitude is getting worse, the last contact is not here. Actually, these problems not only have online, offline many low-cost intelligent lock brands also appeared. Agent is not only no matter, but also to find all kinds of excuse responsibility, moreover also to 'inappropriate' users use to prevaricate. Finally find manufacturers, manufacturers are always looking for a variety of reasons to avoid responsibility. But Canon artisan in the service of science and technology is absolutely guaranteed, not only dare to face the problem in the products, and ensure the product problems give reply within 24 hours and solutions. So, to sell your is reasonable, the enjoyment of services to users are star. Want to know more information about locks, welcome the attention
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