Hot news and information - the padlock In recent years the intelligent lock on social development is rapid, but to the fingerprint lock for the mainstream smart door lock products and there are many shortcomings

by:DIgao     2020-06-13
Now on the market of lock products is given priority to with ordinary mechanical lock, but smart locks is the trend of household, life in the future intelligent life locks from the beginning! But the current fingerprint lock as the mainstream of intelligent door locks products but there are the following. 1 fingerprint lock the applicability of the poor old man to old person, child, the child's fingerprint quality is generally not high, there is a fingerprint pale, undifferentiated or no fingerprints, these factors lead to the experience in using fingerprint lock is poorer, and may not be able to use. And the old person, child ratio has reached 40% of the proportion of the population, as the population ages and two full liberalisation, this proportion will gradually increase. 2 market confidence insufficiency at present, the safety of the smart door lock consumer perception of intelligent security door lock is relatively weak. Strictly, because of the intelligent lock anti-theft alarm, the hypocrisy of the following code design, and other functions, compared with the mechanical lock, its security is higher. But the little black boxes ( Tesla coil) , 3 d model face, fingerprint, universal fingerprints after events such as a wide range of exposure, consumers for smart locks and the safety of face recognition, fingerprint recognition has certain doubts. 3 market price is too high, consumers bear ability limited penetration of smart lock not exceeding the expectation ', a very direct factor is the product pricing is too high. Understands from the fair, smart door lock industry ratio ( The sale price/cost) Roughly 3 - 5 times, although compared with other industries is not high, but the Maori behind relatively rich. Compared with the fingerprint lock, a vein lock has wide applicability, high security two advantages. Applicability broader mean finger vein, the characteristics of the internal quality of finger skin changes ( Such as finger broken skin, dry wet, etc. ) Will not affect the normal use refers to people vein lock. Therefore, a vein lock accounts for the population proportion is as high as 40% old man and the child group fully apply. Higher security refers to the vein recognition is a kind of living identification technology, based on the flow of blood hemoglobin in the live fingers can absorb near-infrared light, and form vein pattern, and through the algorithm to extract feature and recognition. Compared to the first generation of biological recognition technology ( Fingerprint identification, face recognition) , its security is higher, and no cracking method. But from the point of industry development, the advantage is not enough to make a vein lock smart locks the revolutionary pioneer, a vein lock products still need to face the development of market cognition was low, the market price is too high two major challenges. Intelligent lock industry, according to relevant data, the annual growth rate of more than 40%, which is almost of fingerprint lock with the vast market share, refers to the spread of intravenous lock at the consumer level are relatively less. Second, refers to the vein locks the market price is higher than other intelligent door locks. Because of the characteristics of wide applicability, high security, refers to the vein lock is expected to become the trend and direction for the future development of smart door lock products. But getting a vein lock products realize large-scale applications, a vein lock enterprises also need to focus on the following three points. 1. Pay more attention to user needs, can not be one-sided in technology most consumers do not know much about lock behind the principle of biometric technology, they pay more attention to the safety and convenience of intelligent door locks. For a vein lock manufacturers, how to guarantee the overall security of intelligent door locks, how to pass to consumer safety concept is particularly critical. Refers to the vein recognition technology guarantee the security is only an important aspect of the safety lock, lock security is also reflected in the safety of the network information security, mechanical process, etc. 2. Focus on process design, fashionable consumer electronics such as millet manufacturers, under the lead of electrical appliances product slowly began to younger, vogue style transformation, smart door lock products are turning into a fashion products. For a vein lock manufacturers, to consumer electronics products into fashion, need to refer to vein modules and two aspects of process design work, especially at the module level need more spending on research and development makes the module smaller, more delicate, more in line with consumer habits. 3. Pay attention to after-sales service after-sales installation is not standardized, installation error rate high door industry is notoriously difficult, for a vein lock manufacturers, to establish a high quality, high degree of standardization of locksmith teacher team, or with a high quality after-sale installation work platform, is the key to solve a vein lock installation problem. Want to know more information about locks news, welcome to China: http://gscyw. 99114. com
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