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by:DIgao     2020-06-12
No matter what kind of family I believe is every family have locks, constant innovation of science and technology, the technology reform, lock technology is also rising, safety, convenience and constantly improve, believe the future intelligent locks lock will be dominated by the market, become the market leader in the locks. Intelligent lock, is a kind of using the mechanical keys as the user to identify the ID of the sophisticated skills. Because of its advantages of the reliability, safety, convenience, and now has been widely used in financial, safe, hotel, office building and some senior residential area, equipment management, and other places. Only with a chip card, or input fingerprint can pass in and out, safe and convenient, liked by consumers. But at present, the intelligent lock in proportion to the civil locks stores sell proportion of small, according to data, electronic lock in China only accounts for less than 2 into civil locks mall. With the continuous development of smart home shopping malls, civil intelligent lock also continue to come into our field of vision. Follow the fingerprint identification, mobile phones unlocked, induction unlock, wireless network intelligence door lock smart locks appeared, such as civilian intelligence lock market continues to rise. Many at the beginning of 80 after 90 consumers told global network hardware small make up, in the future home outfit, want to install smart locks, can open a door with methods such as mobile phones, fingerprints, chip card instead of traditional keys. 'Find keys is a very annoying thing, every time the package to the right talent find upside down, also concerns the key lost, I want to be with the fingerprint lock will be much more convenient, and very safe. 'A consumer said. Smart door lock planning with built-in radial clutch and the progress of door lock shock load, make it more safe and reliable. And intelligent locks also adopts intelligent coding skills, strong resistance, cutting power door lock, drop replacement lock the frequency of the battery. In high-end smart door lock with the security maintenance performance, can largely ensure users to life and property safety. Locks are necessities of life, follow the skills, the innovation of new locks professional, intelligent locks falling prices, intelligent lock in civil more and more attention. Believe that safe and convenient intelligent lock will replace the traditional mechanical lock, become the protagonist of civil lock market. Padlock is concerned, the everyone is a focus on Chinese library's padlock electric business platform, focus on the upstream and downstream of the country's all quality goods procurement, quality goods wholesale enterprises. Provide consumers with professional padlock trading platform and information, has rich resources of the padlock. Basically can guarantee the quality of the padlock. So I want to focus on more padlock news please come here! The above information from: url
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