Hot news and information - the padlock For the sake of personal safety, intelligent lock can have alarm function, how to implement this?

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
Intelligent lock is better than that of ordinary door lock, in addition to its technology, another is have to say that the alarm function. What is the meaning of alarm? In fact, the meaning of the alarm is the safe hidden trouble die in the bud, or reduced to a minimum will be hidden. So, when met now fire alarm intelligent lock, and will bring what kind of safety and experience for the user? In daily life, if using a mechanical lock, closed the door forget took out the key locked out; If using the automatic intelligent lock, the user may encounter because the door shut in place, lead to latch can't pop up, or infrared induction, and cause the door automatically locks the unfinished; And it is often happened. Actually, the general intelligent lock will be locked alarm function, the user when you go out if the door is not locked in place can't touch the latch locked, not induction lock locked or forget to lift handle, intelligent lock will pass hum or voice to prompt the user. Many users are most concerned about is that home empty criminals through technical opening, or picking burglary, and a lot of circumstances, such cases are difficult to successfully solved, even if uncovered, property have been disbursed, it is difficult to recover. Intelligent lock, therefore, in addition to bring people more convenient use experience, in order to exempt from user concerns above, many intelligent lock products at the beginning of the design has to get them such a safety hazard to think it over. Namely to smart locks prevent pry alarm function. Pry alarm, this feature is very useful, when someone forced demolition of lock body, or through the unlock tool, the master key to open locks, intelligent lock will be issued against the pry alarm sound, the alarm will sound some for 30 seconds or so, some is lifted after the criminals to stop crime, some can also be alert in the form of speech, information, pictures sent to the user's phone. Dangerous in addition to violent criminals to lock and technical crack, and there are many, such as when the user meets criminals forced open the door, so fair and square. So, this kind of situation, lock solid alone are not enough. For the purpose to protect the personal safety many smart locks are equipped with the duress alarm function. The principle of the function is the user can set alarm password or alarm fingerprints, when the threat from criminals as long as the password input stress or stress the fingerprint of the input, intelligent lock will send help information to family members or close friends. Such alarm way the biggest advantage, not easily aroused the suspicions of the outlaws, avoids direct alarm provoke outlaws, forced him to take bold actions hurt yourself, also can let your family or friends for the first time to take corresponding countermeasures, so as to protect their personal safety. Password error alarm - Blocked the door of the cracked seen American movies would be such a lens have impression: hackers with a stethoscope crack of writing or through counting machine code to crack the password, and it feels like the hacker is really cool. But again the hacker severe no matter how high, cracking techniques are all can't be broken once succeed, must try to arrange each, no more than a dozen times and even hundreds of times of failure, it is hard to find the correct password. The current intelligent lock besides open means such as fingerprints, mobile phone, CARDS, and unlock password. In order to prevent criminals by deciphering the password lock burglary, many enterprises are to smart locks with a password error alarm function, as long as outlaws input wrong password more than three times in a row, intelligent lock will take the initiative to call the police, and lock locks. General situation, the password input error after three times will be locked for about 15 minutes, after 15 minutes, criminals can crack the password again, and it is full of many uncertainties, 15 minutes also caused a lot of risk for criminals, so many criminals are under pressure in the heart, will not choose to break again after 15 minutes. Want to know more information about locks, welcome the attention
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