Hot news and information - the padlock Fingerprint lock can solve fingerprint with tamper with the cell phone?

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
If this situation is because the phone is broke is impaired, and led to the fingerprint verification appear a mistake? With orange peel can together through the fingerprint verification unlock boot, whether can the fingerprint verification system there is a certain security holes? Contacted by the publisher of this message, in the laboratory, technicians demonstrates the cracking process. Technician: I use the phone first to record a fingerprint, I left thumb into the finished. Now you can see there is only one finger ( Fingerprint records) I was the only left thumb can unlock. In one try. Reporter: I don't work out this. Before after some processing, and no input fingerprint of reporters, actually able to unlock the boot. After that, the technicians and the some mainstream brands models on the market of mobile phone one by one test, reporters without input fingerprint in advance, in all these phones with fingerprint success unlock boot. In addition to the fingerprint boot, the use of the fingerprint verification for payment transfer is also a lot of people now often use applications. The reporter took out his mobile phone, opened the fingerprint payment this feature. After some technical personnel to the reporter's phone for operation, the next except reporters transfer can I use fingerprint with longan, orange peel, and even napkin items such as fingerprints are also proved through instead. Technical staff said, they according to the online video reflect mobile fingerprint touch key to crack the clue, through in the laboratory to simulate the crack pattern, and repeated experiment, found the crack fingerprint verification is the key to the fingerprint pattern of touch key. So popular market technicians take a morsel tape or fingerprint, conductive 'with a pen on the back to form design, on the part of the fingerprint verification phone. As long as the owner's finger touch the stick tape or fingerprint, successfully unlock boot after a few times, they are free to start up the others. Technicians Li Yangyuan: rip itself in some pattern is formed on the sensor, and affix the membrane ( Tape or fingerprints affixed) On the membranes of the conductive medium, will for the sensor into a certain pattern, because this design is in front of the fingers, it will replace the fingerprint. So the final software system, it received has the figure of these design elements, it received this figure, it certification is also a figure, so it will be. Technicians believe that fingerprint sensor receives the information include fingerprint with conductive coating, is not the main finger fingerprint. And in the fingerprints, as long as the part of the same information can be verified. So as long as processed, fingerprints can also verify by others. Associate professor, department of automation, tsinghua university jian-jiang feng: early of fingerprint identification technology, like id, attendance, and the public security forensic investigation, some details of the above principle is to look at the finger feature points, but the technology is not widely used on your mobile phone now, mainly because the mobile phone it special sensor area small, little information, and so is this our began to adopt a new plan, it is to use the design itself.
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