Hot news and information - the padlock Fingerprint identification is really safe

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Touch the key fingerprint was cast crack in not long ago, anyone can unlock from anhui province xiao xu, because the mobile phone fell to the ground, lead to touch the key fingerprint appeared crack, to his surprise, after others had fingerprints can be used to unlock his mobile phone. Not only such, xiao xu phone some fingerprint identification is needed to use the payment application, strange fingerprints can also through the verification and use. Telephone interview xiao xu: my mobile phone accidentally fell, fell on the ground, I saw the cracks have appeared on it. I thought this ( The fingerprint features) May be used. Then I took with the found or unlock the fingerprint, still can use the same, pay treasure to fingerprint payment is ok. The second day, my classmates to play mobile phone in the class, I touched I unlock the phone, I was a bit mask. Because he was using my mobile phone for the first time, why he can unlock, then later it is found that both men tried to unlock, found that mobile payment is ok. Later, xiao xu immediately in contact with mobile phone manufacturers, merchants for the small block the function of fingerprint. Suzhou a tech company technical personnel to see online video, to know that after the matter, in the laboratory simulation fingerprint touch key to crack the mobile phone design, after many tests, they found that even if the mobile phone in the absence of any damage, after some processing, can still break the fingerprint lock, even with a piece of orange peel can also be verified.
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