Hot news and information - the padlock Eight hard advantage, make intelligent lock accessible to the public's visual field

by:DIgao     2020-06-13
With the development of the society, the high-speed progress of science and technology, intelligent lock instead of traditional lock slowly approached the vision of people, the intelligent lock brand on the market is becoming more and more intelligent lock have what advantage? With small make up to look at. A, the highlight of the high level of appearance of the era of intelligent smart door lock should be delicate, concise, elegant. In the existing industrial design, high quality products from the unique artistic creation, rather than cheap low-quality slanting melon crack jujube. Second, the structure is simple but reliable, better is the important principles pursued by the intelligent lock industry. The structure of intelligent lock is usually a curse in a lock. Structural design are the largest manufacturers pay link, reliable and compact structure hidden behind the appearance of the contracted. Required for the more complex structural design, material and production process. The quality will be guaranteed. Three new anti-theft lock, more safety standards, the biggest change is the first class high-end grade C anti-theft lock security doors must be configured. Anti-theft lock C level, of course, there are quality high and low performance. More unfortunately, however, in the domestic anti-theft lock claims to class C products it is difficult to find a true c-class anti-theft door lock. Prices of imported lock and often too high. Four, convenience of high-end security door complex process should not be an excuse for actual use in trouble. In fact, the convenience is the goal of the advanced intelligent locks. Regardless of the slogan, convenience and speed of the user experience is the most close to the customer. Five, the better the quality of the materials and high-end intelligent anti-theft lock ascension also depend on the better materials, using higher strength, better materials, it is necessary to meet the need of structure and design. Six or more intelligent intelligent era is the development of physical security, security doors if not achieve the docking, likely to miss in the smart spring tide. Using intelligent lock for the docking with the smart home is a good development direction, recognition of the intelligent lock has easy qisheng people face. Seven, word of mouth is dependent on the ratio of good corporate reputation from the product itself. Excellent product quality and good customer experience, has a vital role on word of mouth. The comprehensive performance is the consumers will choose. Eight patent protection in the information age, high added value for the traditional enterprise of door of guard against theft that create the chance of a cross-industry integration, the discovery of technology and innovation, all the time. To protect their patent technology is the precondition of enterprise smooth development, there is no core technology, rely on copying and imitation fortress enterprises difficult to obtain. Want to know more information about locks news, welcome to China: http://gscyw. 99114. com
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