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by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Intelligent lock in the market now very fire, fire on earth to what extent? Chinese companies are now engaged in intelligent lock industry, the industry is divided into six major factions, how cent? And looked down. At present, China's smart lock industry has formed six camps. One is by the hammer mobile and jiang-feng liu, zte, zte Nubian, composed of handset makers such as samsung mobile camp; The second is by haier, royalstar ( West nest) , skyworth, changhong, midea, philips, composed of giants such as home appliances camp; Three by hikvision, dahua, security of DE giants such as Nike camp; Four is cady, Germany ShiMan, digi, seashells, asia-pacific day, oscilla, hao lux, intellectual family, romance and pine and ward, symbolically, Newell, Yale, will, mann, circles, day, Intel, knight, Martha Locke, VOC, composed of professional intelligent lock camp; Five by YunDing - Deer guest, cloud pomelo, fruit and Internet camp, 360, etc; Six is tyrone, noble and graceful, dinggu, frictional force, zhong heng, better health, nickelodeon, the United States, such as transformation of traditional locks asunder, gm, extraordinary force. So, how much Chinese intelligent lock market? Why so many mobile phone, household appliances, security, such as the Internet industry giants have started a locksmith? Intelligent lock is enough to carry the girder of smart home, become the biggest winner, become the real draught? 1, nearly 400 million households, every year there are 50 million sets of new lock needs according to relevant data, at present our country has a population of 1. 4 billion, about 3. 500 million families, if every family with a smart lock, there are more than 100 million sets of the whole intelligent lock market demand, according to the average lock smart price 2000 yuan, output value of more than 200 billion. In general, the life of a lock is 10 years or so, so every year there are more than 50 million sets of demand in the lock. At present, there are still many old district in the use of relatively low security level grade A mechanical lock, so you need to upgrade, at the same time, the current domestic intelligent lock permeability is still less than 5%, and the South Korea is more than 80%, so in the future market is enough to hold billions of level of output. If this 50 million sets in lock demand, 50% of households with intelligent lock, is equivalent to the demand of each year, 25 million sets of, calculate by each 2000 yuan, is equivalent to the market capacity for each year, 50 billion yuan of above. Thus, mobile phones, home appliances, security, such as the Internet industry giants are starting 'a locksmith, big reason is that ran on to the huge market demand. 2, fine decoration era, intelligent lock will be loading equipment by the end of last year, 32 provinces and cities across the country had been successively awarded residential whole decorate a policy, means that China will enter a handbag in era of fine decoration. According to relevant data at the same time, the real estate business in the future the main project of fine decoration will be more than 80%, while the new apartment project in 2010 to achieve 100% fine decoration, fine decoration housing is becoming the mainstream of the market trend. At the same time, Mr D cloud network (big data according to the Internet company AVC) Research data show that in the first quarter of 2015, China's real estate market of fine decoration engineering, intelligent household PeiZhiLv has reached more than 30%. Although not currently receive 2016, 2017 years of data, but according to the market trend prediction, intelligent household in the hardbound room PeiZhiLv will only grow. From a 2015 survey data we can see that in the top 50 real estate property developers, led by vanke, form a complete set of intelligent household products ratio has reached 36. Poly real estate allocation of 20%, closely followed by 10. 50%. The top 50 real estate, guangzhou trillion, hainan ', r&f configuration such as intelligent household more than 8%. To this end, with the emergence of more hardbound room, high-grade residential, intelligent household will inevitably become the standard of real estate project, and as an important part of smart home, intelligent lock will be big winners. 3, the market is growing rapidly, manufacturers don't want to miss this opportunity lock industry according to the national information center released the 2017 annual China smart door lock industry and market research report, according to the 5 - in the future 10 years, our country intelligence door lock the total requirements will be more than 30 million sets, industry output value exceeding RMB 100 billion will be. Can be seen from the locks of the center for statistics, in 2015 China's intelligent lock market demand for 2 million sets, 2016 to 3 million, 2017 for 8 million sets, from the point of these data, intelligent lock demand in China is at a rate of more than 50% growth a year. Expected this year, the market demand will break through thousands of sets of mark, reached 13 million sets, production or will exceed 20 billion yuan. And these data is only the civilian market demand, if you add length to rent apartments, hotels, industrial and office buildings such as the demand of the market, intelligent lock market demand this year or will break 20 million sets. Therefore, facing the huge market demand, as well as the rapid growth of the market, mobile phone, household appliances, security, such as the Internet industry giants are starting 'a locksmith and no wonder. ' Because, at present China's intelligent lock market is still in the early stage of development, in this time may have the opportunity to capture a slice, again a few years later may be no chance. Want to know more information about locks, welcome the attention
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