Hot news and information - the padlock Deer guest first new retail model, the service system evolution, to meet better intelligent household industry

by:DIgao     2020-06-13
With less than 3 days, the national people's looking forward to the coming National Day, is the whole country celebrating this day. In eleven 'golden week' not only is the peak season of tourism industry, decoration industry golden season. At the early stages of the National Day long vacation, Beijing will usher in a bustling exhibition is the domestic outfit. Occupy the leading position in the field of domestic outfit building materials circulation was the home of the recently announced, sponsored by the Beijing international building materials exhibition expo will be fully upgraded to a set of interior decoration and design, creative design, intelligent in one of the large industry platform, and officially changed its name to 'Beijing interior decoration and design exposition and intelligent cloud life festival' ( BIHD) 。 On September 27 - 30, 2018 bihd will be opened both new, when an outfit in the field of new trends and frontier science and technology products will appear in front of consumers. Tellingly, this exhibition will set up a special 'cloud life museum,' for the audience to create a city life wisdom and intelligent household life experience zone, which is divided into four areas: new retail experience, the wisdom of life, the life and Internet technology, to 'cloud life, meet the future' as the theme, through the cloud computing, artificial intelligence, new technologies, such as large data integration of smart home system at home and abroad well-known brands. As a popular brand in the field of smart home, deer with unexpectedly the home of the cooperation, will be there with its broad product blockbuster appearance at the event, unparalleled for consumers to experience. Create new retail model, since the founding of better service to consumers, deer guest with originality burnish a lock, and since 2017 has launched a Classic, Touch, T1pro, Q2 much money home smart door lock products, sells in the market, become a focus in the first half of 2018 the intelligent household brands. Shopping in 618 during the day, the deer in jingdong, Tmall wait, Su Ningyi purchase, millet has so many platform of intelligent lock category sales champion, beyond the samsung, and other international brands such as Yale. At the same time, the deer in pour also makes the 'online marketing and offline products experience' the new retail model, better service to users. As is known to all, in traditional locks retail store to buy the product, the user simply by the shop assistant recommend direct purchase, but not very familiar with general staff understanding of the product, so that the user depth for smart door lock is difficult to understand, which reduces the purchase intention; User if online consumption, according to description of product by feeling to buy shopping website intelligence door lock, and can't experience to the safety and convenience of intelligent door locks. As a rise in mobile Internet era of the brand, deer guest timely insight into the 'pain points', through the online marketing and offline products 'experience' of new retail model, can let users through online channels to understand product, and then to offline directly experience the deer guest all the appearance and performance of the series of products, for consumers to get higher quality of consumption experience. Deer guest smart door lock has been successively in suning, gome, wal-mart, Sam's club, the Jones lang lasalle, love space, beautiful home, lepads were made and other channels set up offline store experience and zones, a full-scale 'online', 'industry cross-border sales service network. Service system evolution, and further to high permeability with the success in the market, deer guest gain more recognition, also unceasingly to permeate more high-end channels. Deer, before the guest has with beauty of high-end home improvement chain giant red star triumphant dragon reached cooperation, across the country already in its more than 50 stores, provide fine intelligence door lock for more high-end consumers. In order to improve the products and services that customers enjoy the quality and beauty of red star triumphant dragon only selection of similar products in better quality brand, deer's house, the beauty of it is red star triumphant dragon of deer guest smart door lock powerful must be of high quality and best service. With unexpectedly the home of the cooperation, is on the channel construction of deer guest made a significant progress, both sides will be useful in the field of smart home and new retail exploration. At this point, the two major high-end domestic outfit building materials chain giant, has introduced the deer brand and once again confirm the deer guest intelligent lock high-end quality, also let more high-end consumers have the opportunity to experience the real meaning of intelligent lock products. Incredibly home has more than 200 stores across the country, is now across the household building materials, layout of large consumption. In March 2018, incredibly home with new retail box of raw ma reached cooperation, on behalf of the enterprise to carry on the online integration, to explore all kinds of innovation of new retail formats. Chairman Wang Linpeng, unexpectedly in the future business model must be crossover, business entities in the future must be experiential, existence without experience entity business, there is no need. This idea just coincide with deer guest smart locks, through constructing the whole scene of the integration of online service mode, bring more consumers to experience, to build strong link between consumers and brands - — This is the new retail real connotation. Believe in the family of deer and incredibly common, driven by the development of smart home industry will usher in a better, new retail will bear more fruit. Want to know more information about locks, welcome the attention
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