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by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Lee complaining that he had bought a lock to clarify the book, a lock factory has been in the safe company for insurance, totaling 600000 yuan. But his stolen, he safe accepts the call only to find the number is empty, this made him very angry. Nankai district of west lake, a lock company shop owner notify the reporter, as Mr Li met condition is all over now, because of some lock factory claim sound compensation itself is false, foundation, there is no in safe insurance company. Now many people intentional anti-theft lock in a good quality. Citizens found carefully, by buying the lock box will generally have a after-sales illustrate a book, read, products have been in the safe, if the lock is the thief to turn over, with technical stolen, in the home can be compensated quota must be safe. But in practice this seems to be a good way to hard cash, because most home anti-theft lock is opened and stolen family foundation is not err on the side of the compensation accordingly. Why do lock safe became an armchair strategist? In addition, the theft of the family is difficult to get reliable compensation is due to cover lock factory and err on the side of the company to establish compensation conditions are too harsh. In sound compensation condition, one is: stolen family anti-theft lock is surely to be the thief use techniques to turn, rather than mandatory, destructive unlock. To prove the point, it is necessary to to the technical identification of county and above the public security department, and got the certificate of technical unlock. But now it is hard to get and grant the consumers. Other have err on the side of the compensation rules: stolen from demand compensation assets must have the original purchase invoice, or compensation shall not be considered. But stolen cash, etc. Work, there can be no invoice. Anti-theft locks experts Shi Qinglong suggest, citizens buy anti-theft locks, don't take a fancy to the so-called err on the side of too much compensation, this is just a marketing gimmick. Padlock is concerned, the everyone is a focus on Chinese library's padlock electric business platform, focus on the upstream and downstream of the country's all quality goods procurement, quality goods wholesale enterprises. Provide consumers with professional padlock trading platform and information, has rich resources of the padlock. Basically can guarantee the quality of the padlock. So I want to focus on more padlock news please come here! The above information from: url
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