Hot news and information - the padlock Application of fingerprint multidisciplinary product unlock success

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Today, fingerprint verification on a mobile phone use, not only in some models of laptops, even electronic security door lock, adopt the way of the fingerprint verification. So in these fields, fingerprint verification and whether there is such a vulnerability? On a laptop computer, technicians will fingerprint conductive stylus to daub is on the back, and then place them on the touch of the fingerprint verification key. After that, the owner in the computer system has been set up in the fingerprint boot, and enter your fingerprint. Next, by others to open the computer, use fingerprints after a few tries, also can pass the validation and boot. After that, the technicians and a new lock for the test, found similar safety hidden trouble. Expert clew, although the vulnerability involves different products in different areas, but if you touch the key fingerprint is not damaged or post the fingerprint can be used normally, don't have to worry about. At the same time, experts also warned that if the security is concerned, try not to use the fingerprint. Another before using fingerprint authentication is a good idea to check whether or design with other foreign material on the touch key. Associate professor, department of automation, tsinghua university jian-jiang feng: must be checked, it's really a trap, definitely have to tear up the sticker.
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