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1990 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Most people are familiar with the latch, which consists of sliding metal bars mounted horizontally on the edge of the door, operated by a key or a small knob called a thumb rotation.
Because the bolt is missing spring
Loaded parts can be encrypted and they are more effective for thieves than many other types of locks.
The hardware store and locksmith have a variety of styles and prices ranging from about $15 to about $150.
The price is a good sign of quality, but many expensive bolts have unnecessary decorative features.
Single cylinder and double cylinder are two main styles. Single-
The cylinder bolt has a lock that is operated by the external key and the internal thumb rotation.
The bolts of the double cylinder have two locks and the keys are required on both sides. Although double
Many buildings and fires provide greater protection.
Safety regulations limit their use as they have the potential to trap occupants in buildings in an emergency.
Advertising before buying double
Cylinder bolts, consider the safety of the installation and consult with the authorized locksmith or building inspector to see if installation is allowed.
Regardless of the type of latch, the advertisement should measure the thickness of the door in advance to determine the correct size of the order.
The first step in installing the bolts is to drill holes on the door.
There should be a paper template on the bolts that shows the exact size and location of them.
Attach the template to the door with masking tape at a convenient height, usually 6 to 10 inch above the door handle.
Start the hole by piercing the template.
With the tip of the awl or nail, the dent is about 16 degrees deep.
Then wedge the door on the open road and drill through the side of the lock (s).
For drilling, a portable electric drill with a drilling guide is used to ensure a straight hole.
Install a hole saw in the drill bit in the same exact size as specified on the template.
The hole saw is a metal cylinder with serrations around one end of the opening;
The other end is mounted on the special bit that comes with the saw.
A large shovel bit can be used instead of a hole saw.
These have a flat blade that is sharpened along the lower edge.
Start boring on one side of the door.
To avoid breaking on the other side, stop when the drill bit hardly appears.
Then remove the tool, reposition it relative to the other side of the door, and complete the hole by drilling from that side.
If you need other holes on the side of the door, use the drill guide and the normal drill or shovel drill.
Next, drill holes for bolts at the edge of the door.
The use of drilling guides and ordinary or shovel drill bits;
The hole must be perfectly aligned with the edge of the door and must enter the large hole of the drill in advance.
After that, delete the template and insert the deadbolt, minus the lock (s)
, Through the hole on the edge of the door.
Fix the bolt in place and trace the outline of its panel to the door with a tool knife.
Remove the bolts, cut with sharp wood, carefully remove the wood from the engraved area, so that the panel can be placed in the groove, flush with the surface on the edge of the door.
To do this, first deepen the marking to about 16 inch with the chisel.
Position the chisel into an inclined plane (sloping)
Edge face inside the contour area, tap the chisel gently with a hammer.
Then, carefully scrape the waste wood from the contour area and hold the chisel so that the oblique edge is below.
Rarely scrape the wood, from the engraving to the center.
If the chisel is sharp, just press it with your hand.
Upon completion, re-insert the bolt using the supplied screws and fix the panel permanently on the door.
Then insert the lock (s).
First slide the components that contain the external components in place and work from the outside of the door.
Make sure the key hole is correctside up.
Install the drive rod at the end of the assembly through the holes on the bolt, and then follow any further fastening instructions provided with the lock.
Subsequently, an internal component consisting of a thumb steering or interior lock is connected from the inside side of the door.
Normally, bolts in the internal assembly enter the holes on the back of the external assembly.
The advertisement fixed two halves of the device on the door.
After the installation is completed, test the operation of the bolts from both sides.
Finally, install the strike plate on the door frame.
If there is no template, mark the position of the plate, take back the latch, wipe chalk or lipstick at the end, then close the door and operate the bolt so that it will press on the door frame and leave traces.
Drill a hole centered on the mark, large enough to accept the bolt.
Place the plate on the hole and mark its profile on the edge of the door frame with a knife.
As mentioned earlier, a groove is chiseled to accept the impact plate.
Screws are usually also provided to secure the plate in place.
To better protect the bolts from prying eyes, please install a blow box instead of a blow plate.
It is similar to installing it, but the screws should be at least 3 inch long so that they can enter the adjacent wall frame through the door frame.
A version of this article appears on page C00004 of the National edition on November 15, 1990, with the title: Home improvement.
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