home clinic; to repair door locks, try replacing the cylinder

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The problem with the door lock does not always mean that the entire knob and latch assembly must be removed or replaced.
It is usually only necessary to remove the lock core, that is, the part containing the key hole.
The cylinder can be brought to the locksmith to repair, replace or replace the key.
The removal and re-installation of cylinders for most locks is often a simple task, requiring only some common tools.
However, if the cylinder cannot be disassembled with this tool, the work will require a licensed locksmith.
Here are the removal and replacement instructions for the four common locks.
When reinstalling the cylinder in any lock, make sure that the edge is jagged when the key enters. Key-in-
The most popular knob lock has a key hole on the door handle outside.
In many cases, the knob must be removed first before the cylinder can be removed.
The ad carefully checks the bottom of the knob.
If there is a small hole on the collar, the part around the spindle, insert the key into the slot and turn a quarter
Turn clockwise and keep it in that position.
The ad then inserts the end of the paper clip or small nail into the hole and presses it to loosen the grip on the spindle that holds the knob.
Some knobs have two holes.
In these places, part of the catch can be seen under the correct hole.
Under the other is a smooth surface.
Pull the knob when pressing the grip.
This should allow the knob to slide a small part out of the door.
Then remove the paper clip or nail and slide the knob off the spindle.
Pull each part of the knob open to each other to reveal the cylinder.
To release the cylinder, remove the key.
To reinstall a new or repaired cylinder, follow the opposite steps.
Insert the key into the knob and then the cylinder.
When fixing the cylinder in the proper position with the key, reassemble the part of the knob and slide the unit onto the spindle until the knob catches.
Next, turn the key to a quarter-
Turn clockwise, press the knob to capture with the tool previously used, and push the knob completely onto the spindle. Key-in-
There is no hole on the external knob or the knob lock lost by the key, which can usually be removed by removing two long screws from the metal plate attached to the inside of the door.
If the screws are not visible, they may be under a collar called Rose, covered with plates.
The Rose can be screwed down by means of said method or by pressing the small wire clip at the bottom of the knob, or simply slipped off the spindle.
Cheap keysin-
The knob lock usually does not have a replaceable cylinder.
In old houses and new houses, plug-in locks are common.
The mechanism of the latch is enclosed in a metal case embedded in the edge of the door.
The cylinder is mounted on the outside of the door and is mounted in a threaded hole on the side of the shell.
It is fixed in place by the long fixing screws installed perpendicular to it through the edge of the door.
To remove the cylinder, open the door and remove the narrow panels around the latch and other components.
Usually fix the plate with two screws.
Below it is the head of the fixing screw, which is aligned horizontally with the cylinder but slightly below its center.
Loosen the fixing screw about 6 laps, but do not remove it.
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Insert the key into the lock and use it to screw down the cylinder from the box.
To simplify re-installation, calculate the number of turns required to remove the cylinder.
If the cylinder is glued together, further loosen the fixing screw while loosening the screw on the edge of the door, which holds the housing to the top and bottom.
If the cylinder is difficult to screw down, the oil that spews out around it may loosen it.
Also, you can grab the cylinder and screw it down with the channel
Lock pliers for pipe repair.
In order to prevent the surface of the cylinder from falling off, first wrap the compliant Chin with tape or tape.
Pliers cannot be used if the cylinder is protected outside the door by rotating metal rings and baffles.
To reinstall the cylinder, screw the cylinder back into the lock box, turning the same number of times, or until the latch and bolts on the edge of the door run smoothly.
Then reinstall the fixing screws and any other loose screws and reinstall the panel.
RIM locks are auxiliary latches attached to the surface near the edge of the door.
The bolts are indoors, either vertical or horizontal.
To remove the cylinder, first remove the screw that holds the lock housing on the inside of the door.
Carry the box away.
The following should be a metal fixing plate, which is also fixed on the door.
If the steel plate is loose, tightening the fixing screw may solve the locking problem.
Otherwise, remove the screws that connect the plate to the cylinder and release the cylinder by pushing the cylinder out to the outside door.
To reinstall the cylinder, follow the opposite steps.
The dead bolt is a sliding bar mounted above or below the door edge.
The way the cylinder is removed is almost the same as the way the rim lock is.
Screw your thumb
Open the components on the interior side of the door.
If there is no fixing plate under the Assembly, simply push the cylinder out of the door along with the armor baffles or other shells around it.
If there is a fixing plate, please release the screws that go through the fixing plate.
Some screws release the cylinder.
Other houses that may not have to be demolished will release external houses.
To reinstall the cylinder, reverse the disassembly procedure.
A version of this article was printed on page CN12 of the National edition on January 12, 1992 with the title: Family Clinic;
To fix the door lock, try replacing the cylinder.
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