home clinic; replacing hardware from times past

by:DIgao     2020-06-23
28, 1999 door handles, window clips, locks, escutplates, drawers and hinges are called building hardware to differentiate them from other types of hardware such as tools, nails and computers.
It is relatively easy to replace modern building hardware, as most large home centres have a variety of common styles.
It is much more difficult to change the hardware of historic buildings, especially if it was made in the last century.
What can the owner of a period house do when he has to replace a classic hardware that is no longer produced?
Well, there are some sources for this kind of hardware, but it takes a lot of time to get ready to go through stores, magazines, and catalogs.
When you\'re looking for a specific door handle, pull or hinge, you\'re trying to find a replica that\'s exactly the same if possible, rather than something that looks a bit similar.
Therefore, you should know the exact size and composition of the item you are buying.
First carefully measure the matching parts.
Some objects, such as Knob plates, may look similar, but subtle details, such as the spacing between screw brackets, may vary between different components.
Next, check the work to determine how it was made.
Metal parts are cast, forged or pressed in one of three ways.
Cast the workpiece by pouring molten metal in the mold.
Traditionally, molds are made by forcing wet sand around carved models.
With this method, it is possible to create solid metal objects with fine decoration and huge details.
Ads can make individual forging pieces by hammer a piece of metal into shape.
For mass production, a huge forging machine is used to press metal pieces-
They might heat it first. -into shape.
High forging production
Solid and durable, high-quality metal objects that can withstand pressure, but the process is best suited for simple designs without complex details.
Advertising suppression is similar to forging, but the parts produced are made of metal plates and are not as thick or firm as the forged product.
Basically, flat metal (called a blank)
Placed on the press between the two molds and pressed or squeezed into shape.
Pressing produces parts that are thinner and have less detail than castings.
Most building hardware is made of brass, bronze, iron or steel.
Some may be made of solid metal like bronze, while others may be made of pots (scrap)
Metal with bronze finish.
The hardware with a thin metal finish will eventually wear out, allowing the cheaper metal to show off.
If you are replacing hinges, door handles or locks, please take a closer look at how this part works.
Don\'t assume that everything is the same.
For example, choosing a replacement for a door handle is more than just buying a door handle of the same size and shape.
Look at the spindle (
Install the horizontal axis of the knob)
Check to see if the knob is fixed with a fixed screw, or if the spindle is threaded.
If it is threaded, count the number of threads per inch (
To do this, you can use the screw hole spacing table provided by the auto supplies store)--
Thread standards may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
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Next, see how the axis is aligned when the knob is still.
Some spindles are aligned on the square, that is, there is a flat edge on the top, while others are aligned on the diamond with an angle on the top.
This alignment may not have anything to do with the round door handle, but incorrect alignment may result in the wrong angle of the oval door handle or lever.
When you fully understand what you are looking for, you can start the search.
There are basically three sources of building hardware: antique and salvage dealers, copy manufacturers, and new
Traditional stores.
Antiques/salvagers can also include flea markets and real estate sales.
Most items will be used and the condition of each item will vary depending on age and dress.
To make them look relatively new, they may do some cosmetic cleaning.
Locks and other hardware with internal mechanisms may not work properly.
Prices vary from dealer to dealer, and sometimes you can get real bargains but may not have a return policy. Neo-
The traditional hardware is brand new and based on the traditional design, but it may be modified to meet the modern building specifications.
This means a new one.
A traditional item may look like a classic period item, but the size may not be the same.
Check your size before purchasing. Like neo-
Traditional hardware, copy hardware is brand new, but it is made from the mold of the original part.
The finished product should have the same size as the original hardware.
To find dealers that store building hardware, check out classified ads for Yellow Pages and antiques and repair magazines.
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Replace the hardware of the past.
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