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Written by Bernard Gladstone Gulley 1977, a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, began online publishing in 1996.
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Although there may be some utopian communities where people can still feel safe without locking doors, in most areas residents recognize the need to equip entrances and exits with at least a high quality lock.
Even the best locks and other safety measures are not enough to stop a truly determined professional thief, but, in the vast majority of cases, a good door lock will greatly help to prevent a break.
The reason is that most burglary is a spontaneous crime.
Thieves move from door to door (
Or apartment to apartment)
Looking for a \"simple mark\"
A family, accessible quickly and easily through unprotected Windows, or through doors that are easy to pick or open Jimmy\'s lock.
Thieves don\'t like noise or delay time.
If a lock causes them trouble, they usually turn to another lock with less resistance.
The lowest price door lock, also the lowest safety door lock, is the spring lock.
This is the type with a pin (
The piece that enters the door frame opening)
There is a tilted face so that when the door is slammed, it is locked.
In this type of lock, the latch is spring-activated, that is, the bolt is pushed out by the internal spring.
While springlatch locks are handy because they lock automatically when a bang is closed, they are also the easiest to force on.
When a plastic credit card or metal strip is forced between the edge of the door and the frame, it presses on the inclined surface of the pin and forces it to open.
Advertising some spring latches are designed to prevent this, including a small auxiliary bolt behind the main latches, called latches.
When the door is locked, This latch is not suitable for the opening of the impact plate;
It presses on it and locks the latch so it cannot be opened easily by force.
In order to prevent this type of break to the maximum extent, it is better to install a separate bolt lock or auxiliary lock bolt.
None of these are spring-activated, they can only be turned on or off with the outside key and turned on or off with the key or knob inside.
Unlike the spring latch, the front of the metal bolt is not tilted-
It\'s square so it can\'t be pried away like a spring latch.
For further protection, some bolts have steel bars through the center of rotation so that the saw blades cannot cut them (
Thieves sometimes slide saw blades between the edges of the door post lock company.
A spring latch with a locking piston prevents it from being forced with a plastic card.
And the frame, then see through the Bolt).
There are two basic types or styles of auxiliary bolt locks: mounting locks on the surface mounted on the inside of the door;
As well as boring or recessed locks installed in grooves or holes on the edge of the door.
Better quality bolts are made of hardened steel that can resist cutting and they have tapered lock rings around the cylinder outside to prevent thieves from prying out or pulling out the cylinder from the door.
Surface mounted auxiliary latch locks are popular in apartment doors as they are cheaper than boring or recessed locks and are easier to install.
They are also used on the doors of the home, but some people object to their appearance (From inside)
When used at the front door.
The latch is also opened in a different way from the inside.
Some people have a knob to lock or unlock them;
Everyone else needs keys inside and outside.
The latter type, known as the double cylinder lock, is recommended for doors with glass windows or near them.
If the thief breaks the glass, he still cannot open the lock from the inside without the key.
However, it must be kept in mind that in the case of panic, such as a fire, the resident inside also needs a key to open the door.
That\'s why fire experts suggest that keys should be placed in the lock inside when occupants are at home (
Or nearby residents can easily find it)
So that the door can be quickly unlocked when exiting urgently.
One of the strongest and safest door locks for advertising is the heavy plug-in lock.
This lock is enclosed in a heavy metal case with both spring latches and separate latches or lock latches.
It is recessed (mortised)
Entering the edge of the door usually requires a \"double lock\"-that is, an extra turn of the key is required from the outside to lock it.
In addition to the big door handle, a separate small knob from the inside must be turned to un! ock it.
However, the latest model allows unlocking from the inside with just one large knob turned.
This opens the latch and the latch to simplify the outing when the occupant must leave in a hurry.
Another type of entrance door lock that provides the function of locking is a cylindrical lock.
Not as anti-theft or tough as the pin lock described above, easier to install and still offers better protection than the spring lock.
These usually have keyholes in the outside knobs, and small buttons in the center of the inside knob for locking or unlocking the bolt function.
Most people also don\'t realize the importance of a lock equipped with a real pickpocket-resistant cylinder.
A professional thief can pick a common lock in a minute or so, no matter how difficult the construction of the lock is, therefore, in order to obtain complete protection, the purchaser should specify a special cylinder that is highly resistant to pickup.
These cylinders are manufactured by several different manufacturers, used in their own locks, and also for other brands, and they have special pins and tumbler mechanisms that are almost removable.
Some people also use special keys that the local locksmith cannot copy, and the hard lock can be safer than the door where it is installed, so make sure that the door is a solid one, it is comfortably installed in the frame and ensures that the frame cannot be pried easily from the door to loosen the latch.
In addition, the lock must be securely installed with appropriate bolts and fasteners.
For real maximum protection, one can even buy a new type of multi-bar lock-it consists of four or more locking bolts inside the door, these bolts enter the doors at the top and bottom as well as on each side.
This prevents thieves from using jacks to separate the door frame, enough to allow the removal of the door in the case of a puzzled lock.
A key is installed in a pickpocket-resistant cylinder in the center of the door and all four bolts are opened at a time.
■ Pin-in locks have separate pins and pins.
In an emergency, one knob inside opens two quick exits.
A version of the file was printed on page X29 of The New York edition on July 31, 1977 under the title: Residence and apartment resident lock guide.
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