high-end handle boutique seeks more pull with designers

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You can\'t find a hammer or nail at top drawer hardware.
In Santa Monica
Instead, the owner Cristi Page\'s stock is $75. of-
Provide $200 in brass furniture handles and other professional hardware to more and more designers and builders customers.
Her hardware boutiques mimic upscale shops in Paris and her hometown of Madrid, showing black replicasglass, oil-
Bronze decorated in painted oil paintings and exquisite modern door handles and drawer products highlight their artistic appeal. Sales at the 2-year-
Mr. Page said the store will double to $100,000 this year. Page used to be a financial management consultant for IBM Business Consulting Services.
Nevertheless, sales of $8,400 per month on average have not yet reached the cost of $12,000 per month.
She dabbled in local newspapers, magazines, direct mail and paid advertisingper-
Increase sales by clicking online ads.
But page is not sure how best to spend her $30,000 marketing budget.
\"I don\'t want to squander it,\" 30-year-
Old, she was fascinated by decorative hardware for the first time in her early 20 s while working at B & M;
Hardware, wholesaler in Oceanside, California
Step 1: focusing on the marketing work of the fish bite place, expert Amber Bryan says he is the team leader of the Phelps Group, Santa Monica integrated marketing company.
Designers account for about 60% of the top drawer hardware business, so this is the group she needs to attract.
\"She really needs to get into the depth of her goals-the designer and reach out to the designer on one goal --to-
This is a level compared to advertising for the mass market, \"said Brian. To jump-
Starting her efforts, Page was invited to attend Phelps\'s weekly lunch brainstorming and focus group meeting.
All agencies, including the receptionist and chief creative officer, are talking about the idea of the event and reviewing the ongoing work.
They spend eight minutes each on four or five topics.
The idea of getting a month in the page captures the attention of potential buyers and promotes sales into three categories: local storage traffic, designer sales and online, accounting for about 20% of total sales.
Like any good brainstorming session, some ideas are zany: Create a knob-mobile --
The knob sample covers the vehicle.
Others are alternative, but not impossible: Have customers try virtual knobs on furniture pictures they upload to the company\'s website www.
Topdrawerware. com.
Or provide a picture of the knobs on a website of actual size so that customers can print them out, cut them, stick them on a cabinet or drawer and decide if they like them or not.
Several ideas generated in Page 8-
The meeting ended as part of Brian\'s marketing proposal.
The account manager also went to the top drawer to meet with page to see the artworkgallery-like space.
\"I was really blown away,\" said Brian . \".
\"I didn\'t expect it to be so high-profile.
When you walk in, you want to buy something right away.
\"Page\'s product knowledge also impressed her.
In order to develop a plan for Page, Brian withdrew from her Institutional Strategic positioning process, which started with potential customers-
In this case, the designer-
View products or brands.
This process seeks ways to create brand acceptance, identify purchase barriers, and reveal factors that ultimately attract customers to buy a product or brand.
\"Our goal is to find the point of difference, which our customers can call their own unique sweet spot,\" said Brian . \".
For top drawer hardware, this is upscale hardware with moderate prices, she said.
To help convey the message, Brian recommends the following steps.
* Create buzz.
Develop a communication project.
This should be a combination of mail and email. mail.
Buy a list of members of the local branch of the American Association of interior designers.
Use it to send regular messages and motivate recipients to provide email messages
Mail address for future mail.
The project will help build Page\'s database while building brand awareness.
The newsletter should include information on new products, industry trends and upcoming events (
Wine may be includedand-
Cheese party in her shop)
, Provide designers with timely and relevant information they desire.
\"Designers are really looking for experts, they have a very close group of people who like to work with them,\" said Brian . \".
\"You are always there when you enter their room.
Promote Public Relations.
Work with public relations experts to help have a page conversation with publication editors about the store and incorporate the company\'s products into the editing function.
Page can check with her designer customers and other small customers.
Business owners recommended to PR experts.
* Improve online tactics.
The marketing expert approved the site for Top Drawer hardware, but suggested several ways to improve the company\'s online status.
Page can add a blog to the website, which can greatly improve her search engine ranking.
This is a great way to track her return on online investment.
She can also consider buying search terms for the brands she carries (such as Baldwin) as well as the competition terms.
In order to further improve the traffic of the website, a small
The business owner can request that the search results for his or her company ads be limited by geographical area.
Page has just taken this step.
Now, for example, her website will not appear as a paid websiteper-
New Jersey consumers click on ads.
While she does sell through her online site, these distant clicks may not lead to sales like local clicks, and will burn the page\'s monthly salary, Brian said. per-
Click on the ad budget faster than necessary. * Network.
\"Her biggest challenge is that she doesn\'t have a good connection,\" said Brian . \".
She suggested that page join the local chapter of the American Association of interior designers.
Like many business professional organizations, design groups offer membership categories to companies that offer products or services to their members.
Enter the Directory of the association as a supplier.
It is proposed to hold a branch meeting or event in her store. \"Good old-
Building networks and relationships-
\"She\'s not doing this right now,\" said Brian . \".
\"As a fairly new hardware resource in the community, simply getting the name of the top hardware will have a big impact.
* Try the trade show.
Brian notes that while some experts say trade shows are dying out, she sees this as a good way to showcase products or brands and build relationships with core target audiences. If small-
Business owners can\'t afford the cost of the exhibition, she said, and they should still attend meetings with potential customers, establish contacts with suppliers, and learn about industry news and trends.
While Page wants to know how to create a directory, Bryan does not recommend creating a directory.
\"My idea for the catalog is that it just kills the trees,\" Brian said . \".
\"I think her website is doing a great job of showing the product.
Brian also suggested that page avoid mass communication.
Before she builds a designer client, she sells ads to the average consumer.
Brian says page doesn\'t need to spend resources in ways that attract amateur occasional designer \"Dolly decorators.
She needs to crack the circle of professional designers.
She should be the best. of-
\"Please pay attention to every designer in Los Angeles,\" said Brian . \".
\"It all comes down to her name. \"--cyndia. Zwahlen @ latimes.
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Start text of InfoboxTop drawer hardware store Santa Monica store sells professional cabinet and door hardware.
Date of establishment: starting on June 2006-
Up Fund: $125,000 from savings, family and friends.
Company performance (2007)
: $50,000 employees: 0 major business challenges how to get the most out of a modest ad budget.
The fast-growing sales target has become a profitable and more open showroom. --
Meeting with experts: Amber BryanBryan is the team leader of Phelps Group, Santa Monica integrated marketing company. An award-
Winning customer specialist, she spent 10 years working on advertising, marketing and media management on clients including paint company DunnEdwards Corp.
, Whole food market and Panasonic Computer Solutions Co. , Ltd.
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