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by:DIgao     2020-05-30
Cabinet work with little or no hardware display has become what it is today.
Whether it\'s a mirror storage wall in a restaurant, bathroom or kitchen cabinet, smooth is the best.
A new type of Concealed hinge, manufactured in Europe, helps \"make cabinets that look complex\" is possible for yourself and for professionals.
Free Design, easy to install, reasonable price (
One to two to six dollars depending on the type)
And grab the carnival to eliminate nc.
Ed grabbed one on the cabinet door.
Another advantage is that they are designed so that when the cabinet door is opened, it will not be combined with adjacent cabinets or wallSimon\'s hardware, 421 Third Avenue, New YorkY.
10016, is the dealer of hidden hinges of the East Coast Meadows and Me 1pa brand.
Simon\'s Phil Brill and Jim Laute said they found the two brands to provide maximum durability with good design and versatility.
In addition to the standard concealed hinges, there are concealed hinges of glass or organic glass doors, hinges opened at various angles (
90 degrees, 115 degrees, 180 degrees)
A concealed flap hinge for table and touch latch hinges that can highlight knobs and handles.
One limitation of the concealed hinges is that they cannot support the weight of the heavy door of the room.
Simon will advise on the use of hidden hinges and fill out the mail order.
Joinn LeintmoA is a new type of Concealed hinge for cabinets, making it easier to install and clearly lined design.
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