hardware store fighting plastic bags with old jam jars

by:DIgao     2020-06-24
In almost every garage or shed you will find old jars full of nails and screws.
Now, you will find the same thing on the home hardware of Manuels in N. concept Bay SouthL.
Just above the bin of all loose hardware, there is a shelf filled with old glass jars of all shapes and sizes.
Instead of using plastic bags, customers can take a jar for free.
Big, wide
The mouth is always the best because you have some 3-
\"The inch screws go in,\" said Zak Thorup, store manager . \".
\"Cheez Whiz seems to be the most popular.
Soroup is passionate about reducing plastic packaging.
One day he realized there were obvious alternatives around us.
\"We encourage everyone to bring them in because everyone will run into glass cans in the day --to-
\"Life During the day,\" soroup said.
\"So if the customer wants to bring them in, the staff will not throw them out, but bring them in [they can]
Because in the summer, they went out as soon as they entered the door. \"Win-
In Newfoundland and Labrador, Glass is not accepted in roadside recycling projects.
So customers can throw away their jars and the store can offer the cost-
Free replacement for plastic bags.
Soroup said it was a victory. win.
\"It\'s such a simple solution that makes people talk about it.
I think this is the best part.
\"People realize that these choices exist and they should be able to expect them wherever they go without having to use plastic,\" he said . \".
There is also another shop where people buy small and loose items and also try to limit singleuse packaging.
From DingTalk to nibblesbarn, there are projects across the country that encourage customers to bring their own cans or containers.
\"Everything is positive.
Everyone is super
Kim Doucette, manager of bulk BarnonKelsey Drive, said.
\"It\'s possible that we don\'t know the clients of this project, who line up behind the people who do it.
They are very interested in this. they are asking questions.
Next time they come in, they come in, like, \"Hey, I brought my jar!
Brought my bag!
\"On the hardware of the home, all the cans will be weighed before they are put on the shelves.
In the Bulk Barn, you can take your jar to cash and weigh it before you start shopping so that the weight of the jar is not added to your bill.
Customers choosing containers instead of plastic bags have increased by 50 since last year.
For the past six months, Melissa Haite, a frequent customer, has been carrying containers.
\"Oh, that\'s great, I don\'t need to try to figure out how to handle those messy extra bags under the cabinet,\" she said . \".
It\'s a simple idea, but sorupp sees it as part of a bigger problem.
Reduction order
Using plastic packaging is an important part of dealing with pollution and climate change, but who needs to make a change for that?
\"Reducing plastics is the responsibility of retailers and manufacturers,\" Thorup said . \".
\"It\'s not really a customer, even though the society we are in now is like this, and we expect the customer to make the right choice.
\"The wave of change is the CBC series exploration single
Use the plastic we discard and why we need to clean up our behavior.
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