Hardware installation of shake handshandle quick wrench

by:DIgao     2020-07-28
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when customer installed hardware handles recently said quick wrench is good. Before I look at the quick wrench is belong to hardware tools. Includes a central weeks with the reversing plate vessel and cavity wall cloth has a base of ring gear, gear ring of the tooth cavity. Scientific name quick wrench is also known as & other; Pull cloth & throughout; “ Tire & throughout; 。
in the reversing plate vessel center shaft hole and the reversing of the groove, the joint of the reversing plate; Pivot in reversing block groove on the reversing block, its teeth to match the ring gear; A is located in the tooth cavity, and the reversing phase in the cavity of the solid and knob gear disk; A directional control knob in the knob cavity, its central axis at the center of the reversing plate in the shaft hole, is located in the central axis on the two top pin contact with two directional control block; A plug in the handle connection seat ball groove, the gear of the handle, ball match, with the ball the grooves meshes with the gear and gear plate.

metal shake handshandle installation with quick wrench is not recommended, with a screwdriver.
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