Hardware handles to teach you how to choose and buy security doors

by:DIgao     2020-07-25
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hardware handles to teach you how to choose and buy should guard against theft door frames, door leaf component surface should be smooth level off, without obvious dents and mechanical damage. Brand logo should be straight, strong, clear. Anti-theft door should be a permanent anti-theft security tag plate material can choose steel, stainless steel, steel/wood, copper or other composite materials. Class a of anti-theft door plank thickness of steel plate thickness under the condition of accord with its damage resistant performance, according to the thickness of product design choices. If the selection of steel plate shall be not less than the thickness of serie b anti-theft security doors, door leaf thickness and allowable deviation requirements.
we still can choose according to lock door 1 look at the key to the door lock. The key & other; Teeth & throughout; The more the more deep, said the more complex the door lock is arranged, open is harder. Look at the color of the door lock. Good quality locks are after plating processing, gloss and smoothness are good, if the color dark yellow should be copper, this kind of material is solid, so look better protective the weight of the door lock. The heavier weight of the lock core material is better, the quality of the lock, lock the inside of the beads, the protective performance of the lock, the better.

this is hardware handles teach you choose security doors you choose now?
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