Hardware handles the Angle of application is introduced

by:DIgao     2020-07-22
Metal polishing base has been implemented, address: AngYi fishing cross the village ( Wood group for land) Polishing machine number 800, now the relevant matters: - ->
hardware handles the Angle of application introduction
Angle, commonly known as Angle on both sides of the cross section is vertical at right angles to each other shape of strip steel. Angle has the points of equal Angle and unequal Angle, two vertical edge length is the same as equal Angle, a long a short for unequal Angle. Its specifications to edge width & times; Edge width & times; Mm thick number. Angle is the main purpose of: it is mainly used for making frame structure, such as high voltage power transmission tower, steel structure framework on either side of the bridge girder, tower crane on the construction site of pillar and arm, workshop of the column and beam, a small pot shape such as for the side of the road in the place where hung under the shelf, in the window of the solar energy air conditioning rack, etc.

this is the application of metal shake handshandle
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