Hardware handles common sense

by:DIgao     2020-07-18
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metal shake handshandle is usually used in two places, one is installed on the door, he called our door hardware shake handshandle, another is installed on the furniture, we called the furniture hardware handles, generally more common in the latter. No metal shake handshandle exist, would be difficult to open the Windows and doors furniture, also lost the meaning of the doors and Windows.
the furniture of all sorts of styles in order to form a complete set, the shape of the metal handle, color is various and colorful. After electroplating and the shake handshandle of electrostatic painting, have wear resistant and corrosion resistant effect, when the choice besides and bedroom adornment style is consistent, still should be able to bear large pulling force, generally should be able to bear more than 6 kg pulling force.
install screw need to make holes by the board, through the opposite to fixed, positive invisible screw. The standard length of 25 mm. Requirement for plate thickness of 18 & ndash; 22 mm, if meet special needs, the screw can be in longer, such as 30 & ndash; 40mm。 We generally introduces the hardware shake handshandle, must cater to the tastes of customers, the tentative asked customers like what colors and styles, according to the customer the style and color of furniture, choose some new style, color collocation is popular to customers choose goods, general success rate is quite high.
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