Hardware handle how to match?

by:DIgao     2020-07-14

1。 Different materials of metal shake handshandle with corresponding door undertake collocation

now generally have a single alloy, crystal, resin and zinc alloy handle, aluminum alloy handle. Collocation is used when the same kind of material, so can let whole feeling become very consistent. Of course you can also choose stainless steel, plated on non-ferrous metal products, not only quality can be guarantee, also it can be organically unifies in together, and the whole household environment improve the grade can be used.

2。 Furniture hardware shake handshandle collocation can also according to the style to differentiate between the

has a single round type, double head type, hidden type, such as decorative effect has certain difference, because the sense that gives a person is not the same. To differentiate, can also according to the style different decorate a style to choose the product is also different, for example, contemporary and contracted style, Chinese style antique style, European pastoral style and the matching products is different also, every consumer can choose according to their preferences accordingly.
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