hardware diagnosis guides: signs of a faulty cpu

by:DIgao     2020-06-23
Without the CPU working, there is no hope that many other things will happen on the computer.
While some symptoms of a faulty CPU may be caused by failures of other components, the symptoms we outline below are good indicators of CPU failure, failure or death.
Unusual fan sounds and moving parts where the CPU is overheating are usually the first parts of the computer to fail.
The computer fan is usually like this, and there are usually two in most machines: one for power supply and the other for CPU.
One sign of a computer\'s CPU fan failing is that the sound it makes normally changes.
If the fan starts to sound trembling, clumsy or groaning, this is the sign that the fan is coming to an end.
Once the fan stops working properly, the CPU will not be able to get the required cooling and start to fail.
So we can say that a fan that is about to die indicates that your CPU will fail soon.
Another sign that the blue screen and OS error message CPU is defective or overheated is the constant blue screen and Windows error message.
The computer can still boot if CPU cooling is not working properly-
But there will be problems soon.
The computer usually freezes and then displays a blue screen or other Windows error message.
Fortunately, fixing the overheating problem can be as easy as re-applying the hot gel or replacing the CPU fan.
The hot gel helps the CPU transfer heat from itself to the radiator, but the hot gel may become hard over time, although it usually takes years.
You need to remove the radiator and re-apply the hot gel.
A pc randomly turns off or freezes the CPU and may work properly until more processor-intensive tasks such as intense games, photo editing, and video editing are performed.
While this may also be a sign of overheating of the CPU, it will restart randomly when the computer passes through its speed, which may indicate a problem with the CPU.
Signs of no power on the CPU-no power on the computer-
Since the CPU is the brain of the computer, almost nothing will work if the CPU dies.
Signs of death or death of the central processor are computers that do not respond when the power button is pressed.
The fan may start but the computer cannot start.
High-frequency beeps-another sign of a CPU problem with the beeps code is the sequential beeps code or audio alert issued by the computer.
If the computer repeatedly makes high/low beeps and high-frequency beeps when it is running or when it is just turned on, it may be necessary to check the CPU.
BIOS or motherboard beep code used to diagnose a hardware or configuration failure.
Check the motherboard manual or the manufacturer\'s website to decipher the meaning of the beep code to determine what is actually wrong.
Although in the case of a blue screen error message or even a high-frequency beep code, the faulty CPU is not the only reason for the computer to restart randomly, these are usually symptoms of a problem with the central processor.
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