hairdryer causes aerosol explosion, blows bathroom door \'off of its hinges\': cfd

by:DIgao     2020-08-16
For a woman in Calgary, the weather on Valentine\'s Day was a bit too hot because there was an aerosol tank exploding in her bathroom.
The ordeal began before one o\'clock P. M. m.
When firefighters were summoned to a home at Coral Reef Manor on ThursdayE.
The fire department said a woman called 911 to ask \"it sounds like an explosion on the second floor of her home \".
\"When she went upstairs, she found that the door hinges in the bathroom had been blown off and some towels in the bathroom were on fire.
\"A fire investigator was called in to determine the exact cause of the explosion and found a hair dryer that had been plugged in, create enough heat for the nearby dry shampoo aerosol tank \"exploding with great power.
The department said investigators had not yet determined whether the hair dryer had failed.
The cabinets, bath tiles and bath room doors were damaged during the explosion.
Police in Calgary said no one was injured but \"very embarrassed.
\"While not the most common type of fire call, Carol Henke, a public information officer in the department, said that last week, staff responded to similar calls involving aerosol tanks.
Police in Calgary say some children were using paint cans in the garage when the explosion occurred.
No one was injured in that incident.
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