Guard at prison with door lock issues stabbed by inmate

by:DIgao     2020-06-25
A correctional officer at a prison in western Phoenix was stabbed to the chest by a prisoner over a cell door lock.
A spokesman for the Department of Corrections, Andrew Wilder, said the officer who was attacked on Wednesday was conscious and that his injury was clearly not lifelong --threatening.
The attack appeared to have nothing to do with the door lock issue.
The attack took place in one of the three units at Lewis prison, and the door lock has been an ongoing problem since last year.
Officials first fixed the door with metal pins and then started locking the cell with padlocks after the prisoner tampered with the pins.
The prisoner was being treated and did not use the door nail as a weapon, Wilder said.
The prison guards union said one prisoner died last year and two police officers were beaten because the lock was broken.
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