glass jar makeover: 3 steps -

by:DIgao     2020-06-26
Turn simple glass jars into a beautiful set of modern ginger jars!
Krylon painted in black and Mambo PinkGlass jar6000 Glue E-
6000 silver flash spray bottle crystal knob spray adhesive Allure size design adhesive paint * from your computer 1 in floral print output. -3.
Spray the jar black and lid with Mambo pink for drying.
Print out the flowers and cut them into the size you want * you can print these on your home computer 5.
Use the front of the water mist image and spray the electron
6000 spray the adhesive on the back of crop Image 6.
Insist on jar 7 seriously. & 8.
When the flowers are dry, use the charm of silver glitter to edge them.
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