garden furniture goes super-bling! outdoor sofa on the market for £19,000 alongside £30,000 \'fire pit\' and £18,000 hammock

by:DIgao     2020-08-12
A long time ago, putting a parasol or recliner on your terrace was considered an outdoor decadent height;
But the risk has indeed increased recently.
Now, without a series of luxurious outdoor furniture, you can\'t see the really fashionable garden, which will not appear inappropriate in boutique hotels.
From waterproof sofa and high
Super polished table
The garden is home to luxurious exterior lighting and even hand-made teak cushion storage boxes, making it the latest showoff spot.
The rise of \"outdoor rooms\" began a few years ago with a very high demand --
\"End garden furniture is definitely on the rise,\" said Tina Mahony, director of Go Modern, one of the UK\'s largest luxury garden products retailers on London\'s trendy Kings Road.
\"People spend a lot more on the garden than ever before, and they want to design --
Led furniture is modern, reflecting their taste, but can be placed outdoors all year round, she added. But with eye-
Watering on thousands of price tags, what exactly the customer got for their money, not the average --or-garden table-and-
B & Q, Homebase or even John Lewis\'s chair? ‘Luxury, high-
High-end furniture is far ahead of economical furniture in technology
Tina said, you have gained much longer life from it.
Over the past few years, manufacturers have reached new levels of design and technology.
Most of the rooms look the same in the living room or dining room.
The outdoor fabric is now very soft, and technological advances mean that the fabric will also be moldy --
Anti-dirt and anti-UV fading-
Proof, fill with a fast mat-dry foam.
Seams are always welded and stitched, many frames have
Build drainage channels to ensure efficient drainage of rainwater.
Still, would you really pay more than £ 18,000 for the outdoor sofa?
Let\'s take a look at the most exclusive --and expensive —
You can buy garden furniture for money. . .
Happy charm: 500 Hexagon pavilion, Raj Tent Club next time you have a garden party why buy a boring one from B & Q when you can entertain in your own Hexagon pavilion
Handmade waterproof canvas, custom rush floor mats, voile curtains (
240 extra)
And your choice.
It is four metres wide and can accommodate up to ten people sitting at the table.
You can even camp inside.
When your other half finds the cost of it, you may have to do so!
If you have enough money to go to the modern fire pit of burn30, 755AK47 ERCOLE.
The price of ComIt is the same as a new Mercedes, so is the Italian designer of this log --
Burning sculpturecum-
Firepit claims it works hard for its astronomical price tag.
Not only will it release enough heat to keep your patio warm on a cold night, but you can sit on a stylish green marble surround to taste champagne and use it
The price of stainless steel is 327
Steel Grill accessories).
If your budget doesn\'t expand to that point
In contrast, the 5 m version costs 19,022.
Suitable for 800CALMA corner garden table, modern with amazing 3 m height
Or longer if you are willing to pay extrathis Spanish-
Designed tables are designed for those with large bank accounts, large groups of friends. . .
Big garden.
Thanks to a super
A smooth surface made of fine mineral layers (
Substances that make up rocks like granite, such as stone Ying and cloud mother Stone)
Wet, impact, scratches and even fire
Anti, and
Bacteria and ecologyfriendly.
Does anyone have a cocktail?
Light up your life, 750 huge outdoor lights in Anle Park, Anle Park. co.
Huge sculpture version of UkAn\'s original designer classic, wow-
Garden lights on the wall-
Install or as a floor-
Lights, and is guaranteed to be the point of conversation between guests.
Marine Manufacturing-
It has the trademark Anglepoise spring mechanics and is customized in 15 gloss or satin colors or they will customize a tone for you.
Relax on your own cloud 810 manukumkumo large garden sofa, take its name from the word \"cloud\" in Japanese, squishy KUMO corner sofa can be indoors and
The modular design with adjustable handrails and backrest allows you to turn a part into a chair or recliner which means that this is the only garden furniture you need (
Also, considering the cost of nearly 20 k).
The frame is made of powder
Coated aluminum
It won\'t rust.
There are three colors to choose from;
Seams on water
The waterproof pad is welded and sewn, which means no water should be infiltrated.
However, the price only includes large cushions --
The extra scatter pad costs between £ 90 and £ 160 per piece.
Put you in the 445 hat.
Plus the base of 3,695)
Wave luxury hammock at Royal Botanic Gardens.
The quilt hangs some fabric between several trees-this two-
Hammock with built-in seat
It is the most chilling place in the sunny canopy.
It hangs on a curved rod that sticks to the ground and can rotate 360 degrees for you to follow the sunor the shade —
All day.
You need a garden as big as a football field, though, because it is a huge garden. 65m long, 2.
55 metres wide and 3 metres high.
Lounging on the LUXURY £ 550 manutti kumo recliner, go to ModernDesigned to withstand the bad weather conditions, this \'versatile and playful\' recliner is a bed of about the same size. Made of water-
Resistant to fabric, perfect for sunbathing before soaking in the swimming pool (
If you are willing to pay so much for a sunlounger, we will assume you have).
Mini Kitchen WHEELS £ 3, 000Q-
CINA outdoor kitchen in Conranshop MOMANG. co.
When you enjoy the day in the garden, are you tired of having to go back to the kitchen?
Now you can bring the kitchen outside.
This 180 cm-is said to be inspired by traditional street food stallslong kitchen-on-
The wheels are designed to \"bring a festive feel to any outdoor party so that everyone can participate in the sunny days spent together \".
It has a wood countertop and a stove surface with gas burner accessories (
This will, however, cost you extra;
A metal bowl, appliance hook, two chopping boards and a shelf used as a sink.
Of course, you can put a dishwashing bowl and a barbecue tool on an old table, which can save 3,000, but where is the fun of this?
In the swing of 1353
The seat of the Yaji Suji swing, the seat of the spirit. co.
The ukThis crossover between seating and artwork was designed in collaboration with Dorset designer Simon Thomas Piri.
Hand-made in oak by expert carpentry, Black part using Yakisugi-
The practice of burning firewood in Japan.
Really beautiful-
Although once you \'ve bought it for over 5,000, you\'ll need to sit a little more.
The cheap plastic pots in Chelsea garden are amazing, darling!
Each stylish garden requires some hand-made Italian pottery jars, such as those designed by Arabella Lennox with snake-wrapped patternsBoyd.
Guaranteed cream-
Prove and have \"personality and wonderful old age texture \".
Nico zupanc, se-charming chairs for four outdoor dining chairs £ 776collections.
If you\'re going to sit on a cheap plastic chair, it doesn\'t make sense to have a luxurious garden table.
These outdoor versions, designed by fashion Slovak designer Nika Zupanc, have a painted frame that can be decorated with a range of elegant fabrics.
Sit in front of 245 Linley and sit in a recliner at the top of the mountain, Harrods or David Linley.
You know, chairs are not just for the living room.
This comfortable outdoor version is hand made with polished stainless steel foot teak.
The gray mat is covered in a color
Fast, water and tears
Fabric resistant.
Boxing CLEVER £ 995 sb ninix garden teak pad, encompassco.
Is it better for your designer garden seat cushion than to put it in the designer seat cushion box?
Or you can save money and put them in the shed.
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