galaxy note 4 becomes vr headset with latest hardware

by:DIgao     2020-06-23
The Galaxy Note 4 has been identified as one of the best \"tablets\" released this year.
Now, this device can also become one of the first commercial VR headsets on the market.
Samsung and Oculus announced today that the innovative version of Gear VR is now available.
The VR headset is connected to the Galaxy Note 4 and via the mini-USB port.
The hardware is very similar to Oculus Rift and is designed to get developers to start making virtual reality applications for mobile devices.
Oculus believes that everyone should be exposed to virtual reality, which is another step in this direction.
After all, who doesn\'t want to watch VR movies on a smartphone?
Justin Denison, vice president, said: \"With the launch of Gear VR\'s innovative edition, Samsung has put the device in the hands of its creators to create an amazing experience, because we have defined the product strategy and marketing of this new mobile Samsung US telecom.
\"This is a great opportunity for the enthusiast community, developers and Samsung to get feedback and continue to innovate in this exciting new space.
\"If you end up buying Gear VR, it will come with some apps that have been built for mobile VR.
This game can be HeroBound, war and theBlu Anshang.
The latter is the most interesting because it is the title of an underwater exploration.
Many similar exploration titles were built for Oculus Rift on PC and proved to be one of the more popular applications.
It may end up being the same on mobile devices, but time will tell us.
Here\'s a better piece of hardware: Gear VR is now on sale for $200 at Samsung or AT&T\'s online store.
Under AT&T\'s contract, the Galaxy Note 4 costs $300.
Gear VR is built specifically for Note 4, so you shouldn\'t buy it unless you already own or plan to buy Samsung\'s latest tablet.
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