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by:DIgao     2020-06-26
Rose Jackson, general manager of Delta Faucet, talks about new trends in bathroom design. What do you think of the bathroom after 20 years?
According to the forecast, water will become the world\'s scarce products in the next 20 years, and sustainability and low water will become the necessities for everyone.
Therefore, innovative water-saving technologies are still needed in the long run.
As for the bathroom design, the bathroom will be the spa in the House, a beautifully designed, warm, comfortable place where people will celebrate the interaction with the water.
After a day in a hurried world, people will go to the bathroom to relax.
The shower is becoming the central part of the bathroom, the shower is getting bigger, more ventilated and there is more glass.
The upgrade of the bathroom design will automatically increase the price of the house/accommodation, so this is a good investment.
However, with the growth of the population and the increase of the urban population, the limitation of living space and bathroom area may be a challenge for 20 years.
New creative bathroom design modules and elements will be needed.
Delta Faucet is fully equipped to meet future needs as our products help build a sustainable home
Durable durability, and water
Energy-saving technologies that meet bilateral standards and contribute to LEEDA certification.
What do you think is the biggest trend in bathroom design this year?
We predict that the warm and soft colors will change with natural materials and impressive accents.
The color of the modern bathroom is neutral, relaxed, warm pastel and looks great with wood, glass, stone, shiny metal and tiles.
The accent is hot shiny red, elegant matte black or blue
Green, adds color to the neutral bathroom, adding energy, interest and personality.
Elements of environmental protection, natural fabrics and bathroom design are popular.
Wood, marble, tiles, bamboo and cotton are the perfect choice for decoration.
Wood and metal for decoration of sink and faucet, handle and cabinet door handle are modern elegant design features, black faucet and doublecolour faucets.
The luxurious bathroom atmosphere with Victorian and Art Deco elements is another hot trend in 2012.
What innovative products will Delta Faucet launch to the Middle East in 2012?
In addition to our wide range of faucet styles, there is a new finish like matte black (Jason Wu Brizo)
And our bi-
Colored brushed nickel and Mat cocoa bronze finish (Charlotte).
We will also roll out faucets with various handle options such as stained glass handles.
The Delta faucet was built for a lifetime--
Our brand new modern Andian faucet is equipped with technology that extends the life of the faucet to 10 times the industry standard.
The threat of leakage is eliminated exclusively-
Piecinnoflex PEX supplies pipelines, Diamond valves, and dynamic seals.
Inside the faucet, the water does not come into contact with any potential metal contaminants.
In 2012, we will introduce more fashionable faucetas through this revolutionary diamond sealing technology.
Delta also has a new range of general purpose shower and shower parts that we will launch in the coming months.
Is your primary audience in this region a retail consumer or a project business?
The development of Middle East countries is not a homogeneous process.
Therefore, we are mainly targeting the project business of a country like Saudi Arabia, which must invest heavily in urban development and infrastructure for its growing young population and Qatar, looking forward to the World Cup.
The UAE still has good project potential, but the market has matured in recent years and we see strong growth in the retail sector.
The retail market is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, homeowners will renovate their properties, people will decorate their homes and have to repair electrical appliances.
The faucet has become a fashion in the House, a decorative item that expresses the personality of the owner.
What do you think of the Middle East market?
What products do you expect to do well here?
This trend is obviously in the direction of ecology.
Friendly, high quality and stylish faucets that allow users to choose different flows (
From low, medium, high to spray, flow).
As water has become a scarce commodity in the region, water conservation plays an increasingly important role in the Middle East.
In situations where users do not feel the shower experience is reduced, the technology of using a small amount of water will maintain a hot trend for many years to come.
Delta\'s h2o kinetic shower provides a luxurious, dry shower experience with more intensive spray and enlarged water drops, while users save 36 cents in water.
In general, all products that are convenient for the user\'s life will remain fashionable, such as Delta\'s Touch2O Technology, which allows you to turn the tap on and off with simple touch and Touch2O.
Xt, it goes further, it doesn\'t even need to touch when the hand reaches 10 cm, it needs the senses instead-
This is a very hygienic and water-saving solution because the tap is kept clean and the water is automatically turned off when it is not needed or can\'t arrive.
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