four on the market: four-beds in dublin 15

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
The four properties currently available for purchase in Dublin 15 are available.
Like many houses on Castleknock Drive, building 15 has a special feature, that is, the balcony outside the master bedroom.
It faces the southwest and has a pleasant enough side but a full view of all the neighbors.
There is a living room and dining room downstairs with a fireplace and sliding doors to the garden.
There\'s a family room and a place to eat in front of you.
In the kitchen behind.
Four bedrooms, one.
The suite is upstairs.
The total accommodation area is 1,560 square feet.
Talbot Downs is located on the side of the town of Blanca on the Royal Canal, close to lock 12, so if you need a slow holiday for any reason, you can go to the Shannon River.
The 10 th is halfdetached two-
Expanded to 1,528 square feet of multi-storey homes with an expanded kitchen and dining room.
There is also a living room on the first floor, with a set of double doors leading to the garden and another living room leading to the front.
Main bathroom and four bedrooms (en-suite master)are upstairs.
5 Carpenterstown Road is one of a small group of independent dormer bungalows located in a leafy almost rural setting close to the entrance to Castleknock College and m50.
The entrance is on one side and leads to a square entrance hall with the kitchen right in front. To the left -
In front of the House-
There are 2 reception rooms, 1 living room and 1 dining room with fireplace.
Two bedrooms on the right, one bedroom shared
Suite. The other two bedrooms are upstairs.
The total construction area is 1,292 square feet.
Auburn Avenue is a dead end near Auburn Avenue, about three
M50 and 15 minutes drive
Just a few minutes walk from Castleknock train station.
Half 44 Auburn Avenue
Independent House with lawn garden in front and back.
The four bedrooms are on the first floor while there is a lounge downstairs with fireplace and double doors to the dining room.
Breakfast table is available in the fully equipped kitchen.
There is a guest toilet on the first floor and the main bathroom is upstairs.
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