ford recalls vehicles for possible engine fires, faulty door latches

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
Ford Motor announced on Wednesday that more than 400,000 Ford cars are being recharged due to possible engine fires and latch failures.
The first recall involved 210,000 cars in the United States. S.
Because the engine may pose the following riskshood fire.
The affected models are equipped with 1. 6-
Upgraded GTDI engine, including 2014 escape, 2014-
15 Carnival St, 2013-
Fusion and 2013-
15 transit connection.
The company said the engine may overheat due to insufficient coolant circulation.
This may cause the cylinder head to break, which may result in a pressurized oil leak and may cause the engine to catch fire.
Ford said it knew there were 29 accidents in the United States. S.
But no injuries were reported.
Ford said it would mail the owner instructions on how to check and replenish the coolant.
Consumers can drive their vehicle, but should contact the dealer if they notice a coolant leak.
The second the company said it is expand 2014 carnival of recall range 2013-
Fusion and 2013-
Lincoln MKZ was knocked down by another 190,000 cars due to a latch failure.
In the recall, the spring in the side latch may break, which may cause the door to open when the vehicle is driving.
Ford said dealers would replace all four side latches.
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