fingerprint scanner to spot the living dead

by:DIgao     2020-06-29
The zombie army invaded by Paul Mark sif is stumbling towards your front door and don\'t worry about & Cologne; a fingerprint-
Activate the door lock to save you bacon.
This is because a group of researchers have worked out how biometric scanners can keep undead away.
Okay, so they\'re not specifically trying to stop zombies, but there\'s real concern that dead meat is being used to trick the fingerprint scanner.
Fingers and even fingers cut off the body can be used to get the bad guys into security facilities, stealing cars or logging into the computer.
It sounds strange, but the first reported case occurred in March 2005, when a biometric technology was sneaked --
Mercedes-Benz was launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
At first they took the owner so he could drive, but they quickly got tired of his presence-they cut his numbers before throwing him on the side of the road.
To combat this bloody fraud, researchers at Dermalog Identification System in Hamburg, Germany have developed a fingerprint scanner to distinguish between live and dead tissues.
This technique is based on the way the living tissue \"covers\" or changes color when the blood is squeezed out of the capillary, when the fingertips are pressed on the surface.
Clarissa Hengfoss and her colleagues at Dermalog found that when the skin was fully exposed to the sensor, the living finger absorbed 550 nm of LED lights and then absorbed 1450 nm of LED lights (
Scientific Research Institute of the international tribunal; 10. 1016/j. forsciint. 2011. 05. 014).
In contrast, the fingers of the three bodies did not show this change.
\"For the fingers of the body, the spectrum of light and strong contact pressure is more or less the same,\" Dermalog researchers said . \".
They hope that their technology will find \"as a standard for certification of living fingers\" in future scanners \".
\"When applying pressure, the living fingers can be distinguished from the dead by covering\", and using the severed fingers is not the only way to deceive the biometric test and the colon;
Marcela Espinoza of the Police Science Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland, said fake fingerprints can be created by empressing a copy in a rubber gel or silicone plastic.
Therefore, Espinoza is working to identify the factors that leak false based on how fingerprint threads are used to cast their different types of mold distortions.
The gel print is either made from the direct impression of the fingerprint, or the mold is made using the printed photo.
Both methods can produce an obvious spacing between ridges and plows, marking prints as counterfeits.
\"We are developing an algorithm to detect these forges,\" Espinoza told New Scientist . \".
The work that the two teams are doing is a hot topic, said Tony Mann, a biometric expert at the National Physics Laboratory in London, UK.
\"The international standards organization is drafting safety biometrics standards, and the activity and forgery detection are-
Cheating measures.
The work may cause them to think.
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