faulty door handle sabotages putin\'s inspection of military equipment

by:DIgao     2020-08-04
Vladimir soldalginger, Russia (Reuters)-
On Thursday, the door handle of a Jeep fell off, just as President Putin checked the vehicle, the superiority of Russian military equipment was offset.
The Kremlin leader was shown a series of military vehicles parked outside his home in the southern resort of Sochi, including a Russian-
UAZ Patriot collection-
Trucks equipped with heavy machine guns.
When Putin tried to open the front passenger
According to Reuters reporter in the event, the side door will not move. Lieutenant-
As a member of the military delegation showing the equipment, General Alexander Shevchenko came to help Putin, but when he grabbed the door handle, it disappeared in his hand.
Putin smiled and Shevchenko rushed his hand into the pick --
Go up from the open window
The Russian leader then continued to inspect a number of other vehicles but did not attempt to enter any of them.
A video of the incident was posted on Russian news site Life news.
The incident will evoke unpleasant memories of the inferior craft that has long plagued the reputation of the Russian auto industry.
Manufacturers say their cars are much better now, but buyers of new cars in Russia have often faced rough paint for years, the engine won\'t start, and the price is cheap --
A break broke inside the building.
Putin himself was left behind.
While trying to promote the Russian automobile industry,
In 2011, he climbed up a new Lada Granta sedan and failed to start the engine at least five times.
Reporters at the event also said he needed help with cars.
Let the executives open the trunk of the car.
In the past few days, Putin has met with officials in Russia\'s arms industry in Sochi.
After the Kremlin\'s military operations in Syria showed potential buyers around the world the capabilities of Russian weapons, the industry has been at a high level. (
Editor Christian Lao and Gareth Jones)
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