Falling in love with hook tips

by:DIgao     2020-06-19
To hang the stuff inconvenience in the home, to understand the survival of the people will buy all sorts of small, in front of the plane, can be used to hang towels, clothes; The hook on the wall in the kitchen, can hang maybe buy food kitchen utensils and appliances. Hook will be in a few days off, however, heavy stuff indirect dare not hang, what method can prevent? First of all, about the embellishment of the hook, because the reverse of the hook is a colloid, how can ability make a colloid creamy and stronger? May try to take out the hair dryer, will link the paste surface blowing hot, such as touch gently hot, hurriedly tear tape, stick tied down, hard pressed for a while, this hook will be reliable. Second, about the suction cup type of hook, brief way is tied to touch water, drained as far as possible, the space will glue very reliable. More solid, if want to try to hook the average point of egg white, because the egg white is colloid material itself, and egg whites can increase the sucker and the wall cracks, will air more thoroughly, can make the hook stronger bearing capacity, longer service life. Again, hook can be reliable, contact also exert an important role, many link can only be used in a certain environment, like ceramic tile, glass paste effect compare with good, is not easy to fall, but walls, frosted glass, points minutes hit the stuff for you. So tied before use, to choice the lubrication flat interface, remember first dust will interface with a wet towel to wipe clean, then tied with a period of time, to ensure full joint. Conclusion, in addition to the use of the correct way, the quality is the hook using the resolution factor of life.
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