Facing market competition lock industry need to adjust the professional layout

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
When it comes to China locks professional conduct, Li Huaxuan pointed out that China's system of profession should have a lock has organized overall goals, progress of science and technology talents safe progress year by year, such as layout, product quality, technology and equipment, set up different talent, talent layout etc. Be short of one cannot. He thought locks is necessities of people's life, daily hardware, is a kind of security guard against goods, with the development of the profession is good or bad, related to every family, unit, the safety of the public. In the world market competition day by day promotion today, if the lock is still no set different understanding, balked, inevitable selection by the world market. Like modern high-tech operations in Italy, the United States, Germany, multi-layer lock, Japan, Britain and France can be called lock power, their technical level and technology level in the world leading position. World famous brand locks from these countries, but follow these developed countries labor increasingly precious, until the 1970 s, locks are lower level produce middle gradually to the Asian tigers carrying, and has achieved great development. To the early 90 s, Asian tigers rising labor costs, reduce the competition advantage, the global lock market increasingly decayed. Under this opportunity, China seized the moment to this lock, mass production, to 1992, Chinese production up to 10 the locks. 500 million, exports more than 200 million, and gradually become producing countries, the locks. In 2011 to stop, however, Chinese locks professional is only one in the growth of the market, according to the Associated Press queries, start, lock companies in China spread unevenly across the country, outstanding cluster representation; Yan disorderly competition, low profit of extreme, thus serious trouble the whole career development.
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