ex-hotel worker reveals secret ways front desk staff get back at rude guests

by:DIgao     2020-06-28
The most luxurious hotel benefits we can find Did you find that the key card in the hotel room does not work?
This may not be an innocent glitch.
Source: Getty ImagesYOU know that the key card doesn\'t work when you get to the hotel room door, do you feel depressed?
Maybe it was your phone that let it go.
Or maybe the staff is trying to teach you a lesson.
According to The Sun, a former hotel staff member revealed the secret way the hotel staff retaliated against uninformed guests. In his tell-
All memoirs \"head in bed: reckless memoirs of hotels, scammers and others\"
Jacob tommski said there were many ways the staff could help rude guests without realizing it.
Mr. Tomsky, who has worked in the industry for ten years, described his skills and his colleagues to avoid trouble with the boss.
Jacob tommski is a former hotel staff member and author of The New York Times best-seller, the head of the bed.
Source: Twitter \"if you have a problem entering your room with a key card, it means that you have already got help from the people on the table and they will re-
Activate your key card when they think it\'s appropriate.
It\'s called key-
He told the Daily Express.
Boring, over-working, often under-working
Mr. Tomsky said the appreciated staff had enough time to carry out their retaliation, which could include mini-bar raids and prank calls.
The richer the guests are, the more likely they are to abuse themselves loudly, and celebrities are the worst of them, he said.
\"A lot of people are watching Downton manor now, and they think, \'Oh, I have servants too! ’,” he said.
\"Especially rich people, they treat others as if they were treating others.
At the same time, hardworking people
Who could be screwed up?
Nothing to say.
\"There are six creative ways for hotel staff to retaliate against rude guests.
The hotel staff came up with some creative ways to disturb the guests.
Source: supplier-
Would it be a hassle to enter your room with a key card?
You may have upset the front desk.
When flustered guests come back to reactivate the keys, they enjoy watching with entertainment.
You \'d better take a closer look at your bill.
The staff of the hotel often hang out inside, steal from the mini bar, or deliberately falsely report the fee.
If you have used valet parking, your car is not safe either.
You might want to be careful with your toothbrush-
Tomsky warned that it could be a \"foul \".
Let\'s just imagine it yourself.
Always friendly to the hotel reception staff.
Not only is it right to do so, but the consequences can be terrible.
Source: SuppliedPRANK CALLSTomsky admitted to making a drunken midnight call to surprise a particularly mean guest.
\"I told him he was a hole and he should sleep like s * t,\" Tomsky said . \".
It did make him feel much better.
\"But I got to the point where I built a wall.
\"My skin is very thick and I really don\'t care,\" he said . \".
When checking in, there was a scene in the room?
You may be demoted to a bad room.
\"You may have a very nice suite that you will never know,\" Tomsky said . \".
\"I became the master of immediate karma.
If I see a black American Express
American Express card—watch out.
All your glasses have been cleaned.
Not soap and water.
But it\'s clear that the furniture polish makes them shine.
This article was originally published in the sun and reprinted with permission.
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