everything you need to know about sliding glass doors & hardware

by:DIgao     2020-06-23
Sliding glass doors give a beautiful feel to the living space, whether it\'s a house, an office, a hotel or a showroom.
Not only do they highlight the visibility and appearance of the space, but they prove extremely powerful by facilitating smooth entry and exit.
Sliding glass doors also enhance the free space available around the entrance as it slides horizontally with the walls.
Due to their awe
The application of sliding doors adds many encouraging benefits
The same is true for the need for sliding door hardware or sliding door fitting systems.
There are many brands on the market that offer sliding door hardware.
Ozone hardware from India is very good
Many countries in the world export a variety of famous brands of high-quality glass door accessories.
The Ozone offers a wide variety of sliding door systems to meet the various needs of the interior and consumers of modern buildings.
All of its sliding door systems are complete, including sliding door handles or glass door knobs, door locks, sliding door rails and rollers.
Now, how to decide a suitable set of sliding door accessories for your functional and aesthetic needs.
It is mainly determined according to the application area, open the door I. e.
Single slip or double slip
Split-mode sliding, weight and functional features of glass door panels.
The operating door mainly requires sliding door handle and glass door handle, and there are many options for ozone.
Functional features are important when determining the type of sliding door hardware.
It should be soft, soft open, there is a reactionJump function.
In addition to the hardware, you need to determine the type of security (toughened)
Such as colored glass, laminated glass or glass panels required by the designer.
This is mainly based on the requirements of aesthetics and transparency.
In the House, sliding doors can be applied to any internal entrance such as the kitchen, extending the open area on the terrace or balcony, as well as adjacent areas such as the dining area and the living room;
Also created a frameless shower door.
In the bathroom area with limited space, it is wise to install sliding doors in the shower.
The Ozone offers sliding door hardware specifically designed for the shower.
In a commercial space, the sliding door system can be applied to the door, passage or any other internal department of an office cabin, meeting room or meeting room.
They can also be used for the entrance to the showroom of the shopping center.
The Ozone hardware also offers sliding folding door systems for the glass door accessories range, as well as many other types of dedicated sliding systems for commercial spaces.
Ozone is committed to providing innovative and quality building glass hardware solutions to its discerning customerswide.
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