epoxy resin steampunk door knobs

by:DIgao     2020-06-20
I ordered some epoxy for the table I was making and it was much cheaper to buy a big bottle and now I have some more to play.
I thought of doing the door handle.
I ordered some gear and watch mechanisms for the wish and when they arrived they were a little smaller than I expected, but they were perfect for the situation.
For my mold, I used a silicone cup cake plate.
I have no hope for baking and cooking, so it\'s nice to see them used in cabinets for years.
I arranged the gears in the mold, and the second row I used unicorn vomit stains, glaze and some paint.
My epoxy is 2:1 so I used 300 ml in total, which is twice what I need.
I have some long brass bolts with nuts on them and it works very well.
To secure my bolts in place, I used the chop stick that I had stuck with the bolts.
It\'s a good idea to set it up before you start, I didn\'t do it, so setting it up before epoxy starts setting up is a crazy attempt.
Mix resin according to manufacturer\'s instructions.
This is how my settings look at the end.
There are a lot of bubbles in the resin, so it looks white.
I removed them with the creme Brulee torch (
Another useless thing in my kitchen)
They soon disappeared from the surface.
After removing the bubbles, your resin should be like this.
I sat them for 24 hours and then turned the mold out.
I have some rough edges on my back.
I used a sand block with 320 sand to remove them and the front was perfect.
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