Doors and Windows hardware to cater to the trend of the energy conservation and environmental protection

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Liu Xuelin said, window of door of Shanghai international exhibition of this kind of exhibition will enable the enterprise to improve industry influence, strengthen brand, explore new channels, is very meaningful for understanding customer needs. For doors and Windows industry competitive situation, Liu Xuelin indicated and building hardware is domestic production of the largest Windows and doors hardware enterprises, on the product development and quality control are industry leading. Companies will also implement in production, saving energy and environmental protection in the process of hardware production 99% of dust can be recycled, so that both protect the environment, and protect the production line staff's health. For Windows and doors industry, the development trend of Liu Xuelin said the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection in the face of the whole society, also must be in the direction of the doors and Windows industry transformation. Including doors and Windows hardware to cater to this trend, reduce the heat transfer coefficient. Construction hardware to improve the quality of products, with better and more heavy insulating glass. Liu Xuelin said and hardware products export largely depend on the network, believe that the future network will be one of the ways to building materials sales.
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