door lock technology through the years

by:DIgao     2020-06-26
The protection and safety of family members is always the first thing we pay attention.
Our focus on protecting items extends even to our property and valuables.
We make sure they are not hurt or in danger.
We are looking for a relatively safe place where we can stay and even move around before we feel we can find it.
As an additional comfort and safety measure, we have placed a child protection and alarm system.
The door lock is the most original but helpful safety device.
The rope is the main locking device used.
The thief knot was named because it was implemented to find the thief, and Gordian knot was used to stop the thief.
Even today, the first thing we do is tie the rope to the door.
The history of when the lock started is questionable.
Archaeological findings suggest that, about 4,000 years ago, wooden locks and keys were used by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.
It is known that the first door lock with a key is called a pin lock or a pin tumbler lock.
This design is a lock that is often used so far.
The old pin tumbler lock was made of wood and rope and until today this type of wood lock mechanism is still in use in Puerto Rico.
In order to improve the security of the old design of the pin lock, the direction of the pin must be changed to increase the number of pins.
The development of ancient design has become the established concept of the current pin lock.
The Pin lock has developed again.
Wood pin with bronze or iron.
The metal was patented in 1805.
The patent design was further improved by the father and son locksmith, whose name is Leñas Yale senior locksmith.
Leonard Yale, Jr.
The pin lock we see today is the design produced by Yale University.
The wafer tumbler lock is another type of door lock.
This lock is usually used in vehicles and cabinets.
Another commonly used lock is a lever lock.
These locks are widely used in safes and prisons.
In addition, there are mechanical and mechanical locks.
Currently there are countless changes to different types of locks.
We have many changes including panic bars, locks, lock boxes, latches, pins, bumps
These changes are currently used in structures and houses.
With today\'s technology used for door locks, we have state-of-the-art safety features.
The example is the panic bar installed on the emergency exit door.
This has also been used in our door alarm.
With the improvement of our technology and the unremitting efforts of the inventors, we can believe that the progress of the current door lock will continue, our safety and security will be much better, let us rest at night.
We should all remember that.
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