door hinge hook adds hanging storage

by:DIgao     2020-05-30
This simple door hinge Hook adds valuable hanging space in a very small space.
Our cottage is as small as our budget, so when I find a space-saving product that is both innovative and cheap, it\'s usually not long before I pick it up.
I am always happy to share this information when I experience these benefits personally.
Seeing this clever door hardware, I was very excited to see the wall space.
Yes, it may be a very simple organization product, but I appreciate its contribution to my organization, so I would also like to tell others.
I love the reason for this awesome door hinge hook: save space by providing storage in a place that is usually overlooked.
Easy to install, no fancy tools required.
You simply lift the pin in the current door hinge, place the hook on the hinge and replace the pin.
If the pins are stuck together, simply use the flat head screwdriver and hammer to get the pins stuck outside. That\'s it!
This is the hidden storage space.
When the door opens, it cannot see at all. It\'s an add-
Amazon goods.
It ships qualifying orders over $35 free of charge.
This messy nemesis doesn\'t need holes in the wall! :)
This handy product helps to keep our cabin tidy and orderly. In a nutshell. . . . . . .
This thing is super convenient and cheap.
This will be a great option for anyone who needs additional suspension storage.
Perfect for the hostel.
Perfect space saving for anyone renting, the number of items they can hang on the wall can be limited.
Now I think I will make this review short and sweet (
Like my hinge. It Spacemaker! ):)
What do you think of getting extra storage space by using the door hinge hook?
Is it possible for your home to be overlooked for potential storage?
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