Dongguan fu sen: we are a whole, an integral whole

by:DIgao     2020-06-15
In recent one or two months in a series of violent demonstrations in Hong Kong, has a black dress person exalted 'Hong Kong alone' flag, the flag of the United States, openly with the so-called 'era of the recovery of Hong Kong, revolution' banner. These bad behavior shows that Hong Kong has recently been a series of violent incidents, already is not a simple internal events, but with external intervention of premeditated, planned and organized the illegal activities. About Hong Kong, Hong Kong alone '' independence movement refers to in an attempt to separate from the People's Republic of China in the Hong Kong special administrative region, then in such aspects as politics, economy, society from relationship with China, and Hong Kong's move independently. And this is a stupid behavior, the protesters could feel myself in doing good, but most of them only thugs and vandals, is to call the police to fight, most of them are young people, thought not mature, is affected by the 'Hong Kong alone' part, and to the 'Hong Kong alone' road. Wake up and smell the coffee, really, we are Chinese, why oneself person dozen oneself person, we have a common mother, that is China! Hope to 'Hong Kong alone' self-respect! We are a whole this year anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, Hong Kong is an essential part of China, be short of one cannot, because we are Chinese, we are a whole, an integral whole, only together can drive the development of the same, our company is a whole, we have a professional team, focus on producing metal clothes hook, a clear division of responsibilities, each have each direction, promote efficiency, first-class service, timely delivery, quality assurance, we are also developing new products, to meet customer demand, so we must be a whole, does not support Hong Kong alone, because we are Chinese! Finally, hope that Hong Kong compatriots can face up to the mainland to Hong Kong, also warned that a handful of Hong Kong young people to make independent enough is enough, don't provoke the Central Line, scampering like this, sooner or later one day, will now have gone, looking at port weight alone. ( This article from dongguan company fu sen hook)
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