Dongguan fu sen: want to have their own bear attentively complete each product

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
【 A release # # false condom parties said convenience store promised compensation, take turn after receipt and disclaimer 】 Xi 'an ms zhou in Tang Jiu convenience store to buy fake okamoto condom fungal infection, causing concern. Weeks, 'says ms Tang Jiu staff had to accompany her to review and agreed to compensate her medical bills and lost wages, a total of ten thousand yuan, also let her write down the receipt and the disclaimer. After each other attitude change, take receipt and statement, but didn't give the compensation. There are two problems, one is the product quality problem, the other is a personality problem. Many businessmen use some low cost low quality raw materials for production, production of finished product is often not up to standard, is not qualified, let alone a condom is used in the human body, it really wicked! And agreed compensation for medical expenses lost wages, take receipt and statement, but didn't give the compensation, this is the character of honesty, this should be guaranteed, originally is your mistake is to admit that does not recognize is you irresponsible, as businesses this is a very failure, very not bear behavior. We will never cut corners, dongguan fu sen product metal coat hooks we most use raw materials such as ABS, PP, PE, PS, produced metal clothes hook the quality is very good. You get what you pay for, do not do the middle price difference, years of production experience product quality is guaranteed. We have * hours after-sales service, customer satisfaction. Simple comment on a few words, family planning supplies counterfeiting, counterfeits must be punished severely. , write a letter of reconciliation to write clearly the reasons, such as the condom as confirmed to be false. Write clearly playing time, finally add this agreement will take effect since the receipt of each other to play. , now through weibo exposure, Tang Jiu convenience store should lose money. Finally, marketers and dongguan fu sen reminded himself, attentively complete each product, to live up to the customer, more worthy of yourself!
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