Dongguan fu sen: remember the history, do not forget national humiliation! Speed is power

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
# # Japan surrendered, 【 Years ago today, we can never forget! 】 (date) (month) (year), Japan declared unconditional surrender. Years of hard resistance, the Chinese nation defense, clashing of frame and hot blood for today's prosperity, made national epic hero in the war of resistance. Remember the history, do not forget national humiliation! To cherish peace, our self-improvement! Years of the war of resistance against Japan is extremely hard and unforgettable, but that is far away, treasure immediate wellbeing, it is countless Chinese soldiers in the life of the new millennium. We must cherish today's happy life, remember the history. Maybe this is exercise, but after the war, and make China a more powerful, to realize more crisis, take more methods to solve, we are no exception, dongguan fu sen made in the hook, unavoidably will also experienced some setbacks, we develop a new metal coat hooks products is also very hard, want to try a variety of molds, use what material, to do better, so also is a kind of challenge! As a Chinese, we should remember history, not forget national humiliation! Speed is power! China is getting better and better, come on!
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