Dongguan fu sen: learning is the hard truth learn to be grateful

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
Today is teacher's day, every one of us, the first teachers should thank our gratitude we are reading in the instructor; Grateful in life inspired the people around you, they are also our teacher. Our every bit of growth, without these people. Chinese teacher stroke at a church I write, 'Chinese characters so much, but I love this a few - — The People's Republic of China '; Music teacher take me sentence by sentence learn to sing songs, 'get up! Convinced those teachers who teach us 'knowledge', do you have in mind? When the teacher is hard, makes our work is a great soul; Red candle burning is short, but she burns oneself, illuminates the others' heart lasts forever. You are great, not only teach us the scientific and cultural knowledge, more is to give us set up a model of life. When I first came to the rich company, dongguan fu sen company to arrange a teacher led me to learn, he is also my teacher, is my social teacher, he not only guidance on my work, also called me to be the truth, as to the present society, have been studying metal clothes hook this knowledge, and experience the hardships of the society, which is not learn in school, so I think life has two teachers, a teacher of the school, the other one is teacher, society Thanksgiving! A piece of chalk, three feet platform, this is your stage, a brilliant led us all over the world. In this stage, you not only to impart knowledge, more is to educate. Hard life, devoted your whole youth to us. Please let me your students say a teacher, you were laborious! Finally, I wish all teachers a happy holiday!
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