Dongguan fu sen: double '11' to come you chop 'hand'

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
It's a double tenth year, did you 'chop hand'? Early this morning, 'double' the opening, Tmall turnover in excess of the billions of available to break the record again, online shopping is your contribution? We all hope that in this shopping carnival, buy cheap and fine. Double every year is the most busy time, Courier media Courier sent a highest can break through a single day. Please understand and respect the Courier's work, keep the phone clear, through to Courier phone earlier. A shopping rush to the double tenth, the national post office figures show that the business will amount to billions of postal express delivery industry, 10, more than a line express average per person a day to send a Courier! It is such an exaggerated Numbers, so everybody express delivery may be delayed for a few days, but our dongguan fu sen logistics Courier or come into your hand, our cooperation has always been the Courier company, logistics fast, good service, we believe we will cooperate better! Courier a work an income, is also one of the top year this month. According to a Courier, double every year and monthly income is their annual peak, the highest for more than twenty thousand, but this time day and night, the pain is not everyone can afford. The world belongs to the young people have a dream, the world is their after all, is, after all, fedex express connection of urban and rural, connection of supply and demand, to connect the world, connecting and virtual reality, the connection today and the future. . . . . . express is the 'connector' era, they connect with e-commerce era of pentium firelight. Courier in China. Last reminder, if you meet no-trade clause, sell fake goods or by little affectations routines consumers of illegal businessmen, please remember to maintain their own rights and interests according to law.
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